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October 31, 2007

Sergio Garcia


Q. When you came to the 18th last year, you knew your position in the tournament; did you know Harrington's position in the tournament?
SERGIO GARCÍA: You mean for the Order of Merit? No, I had no idea. I had no idea. But, even if I did, I didn't care. I mean, of course I was trying to at least try to force a playoff, give myself a chance at winning. But I didn't know.

Q. Could you add your views to the mix on Els being in Singapore when he's leading the Order of Merit?
SERGIO GARCÍA: I don't think I should talk for other people. I can only do what I can, and I can only depend on myself.
So if Ernie is not here, he'll have his reasons. I decided to come here because I love this event, I really enjoy this golf course, and you know, that's the way it is. I did have an offer from Singapore, too, but I decided not to go because I wanted to come here and play.

Q. Do you think it will be embarrassing for the Tour if on Sunday night, Ernie wins it, the Order of Merit, and he's not here.
SERGIO GARCÍA: I don't think when you're a player the calibre of Ernie Els, I don't think it can be bad for the Tour if he wins the Order of Merit, even if he's not here.
It would be nicer if he was here and he'll win it probably, yes, but in an ideal world, that's probably the reason. But as I said, he has his reasons. He's not the only one missing this event, so you know, you've got to give him the benefit of the doubt and we would love to have the best players here, but unfortunately it's not happening this year.

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