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October 27, 2007

John Daly


Q. That was a nice comeback. Lot of birdies on the back?
JOHN DALY: On the back, yeah.

Q. Just how hard has it been with the conditions, and having to sit all night to play two holes. Knowing you're right on the number, probably - what was that like?
JOHN DALY: It was not easy. I didn't have the greatest lie on 8. So I ripped a 7-iron, got it over, and got lucky on got it on the green and I two-putted. It was tough.
We played four holes just before the monsoon. A lot of guys were smart. They were slowing down, taking their time. A lot of guys were walking from 5 to 6 instead of riding. I was on a pretty good roll there. I didn't want to stop.

Q. Was there a point you thought maybe you'd get through yesterday?
JOHN DALY: No, I figured we could get through 8. After we got on 6, I figured maybe 8 because it wasn't raining. It was raining hard, but then 7 and 8 were just, our pants were soaked. It was too hot to put rain pants on. I mean, it was just survival yesterday.

Q. To people that weren't out here, can you explain how much worse it got in that half hour or 40 minutes or so? I mean, it was already bad. It was as wet as you can get.
JOHN DALY: You couldn't have driven in it. That's how bad. There's no way you could have driven in that rain. You would have had to pull over. Even my bus, it sits up so high, I don't think I could have driven in it, it was raining so hard. It was brutal. It was nice to play decent and get a good score. I haven't had one since Vegas. It felt pretty good.

Q. How much did you need just a week like this to come back, play a weekend and get some momentum going into next week?
JOHN DALY: Well, I'm not in (next week). I didn't get an exemption for next week.

Q. So how long do you have off then? I'm sure there are going to be some other stuff between now and the end of the year?
JOHN DALY: I've got some outings. I've got the Shark Shootout, and then hopefully just beg the tournament organizers next year. I feel pretty confident on the west coast. Torrey Pines this past winter, and then I played decent in Hawaii, and I love the Thunderbirds. I'm hoping that's three, and probably play the Hope.

Q. You're disappointed I'm sure in how this year went. How much do you look forward to this year being over and starting new in January?
JOHN DALY: I'm looking so forward to it being over. The last two have been horrible. This year it's been the injuries. When I did play, I was so close to shooting good, shooting even 1 or 2 over.
Then grinding it and trying to get it back to even. I missed so many cuts by a shot or two. I hung in there and it could have went either way - 8 or 9 tournaments this year, and I wouldn't have to be worrying about this. I know I'm close. I kind of wish I had four or five left, to tell you the truth.

Q. You're still a draw everywhere you go. People want to talk to you, people want to see you, people want you to sign stuff. Do you still feed off that? Or when it's not going so well, is that kind of an anchor in some ways? You feel like you have an obligation to fans and this and that? When you're playing well, it's just not fun.
JOHN DALY: Well, it's not. But I tell you what, it's better than not having anybody rooting for you. They motivate me like you wouldn't believe. It's a great thing. It really is.
I feel like I sell a lot of tickets and raise a lot of money for charity, too. So I hope I can keep getting some exemptions, and, hopefully, start playing a little better so the fans can enjoy it even more.

Q. How do you spend the next four hours now?
JOHN DALY: I'm going to watch some football.

Q. Is there any other on at this hour?
JOHN DALY: That's right. We're on the east coast, that's right. So I guess I'll eat, get an early lunch.

Q. Thanks, John.

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