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October 26, 2007

Eduardo Romero


THE MODERATOR: Eduardo, 64, 68, 12-under going into the weekend. Just talk about your day. No bogeys today? Four birdies?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, no bogeys today. Hit a driver and a sand wedge and a putt for 5 feet on the first hole.
On the second hole, driver, 1-iron and two-putt from 25 for birdie, and then the next one was 13.
Par 5, hit a driver, 1-iron again and made the chip, one-putt, 2 foot from birdie, and the next one was hit a driver and second shot and two-put from 25, 30 feet from birdie.
I continue to play good, yeah, it's good. I feel good, I feel good, and I feel strong. But not so good compared with the last -- with yesterday, for example, my putting -- my game is good; it's solid and driving good.
Good concentration, good concentration; I think that's the key. I never lost the concentration today, and I'm working hard to be in the golf game today. Yesterday 64, but sometimes it's hard. Not today; today was easier. Obviously it's a tournament, it's halfway, two more rounds to go, but I'm doing the same for tomorrow, no change.

Q. And you and Denis Watson are shaping up for tomorrow?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah. I said to my caddy, "I play with Denis," yeah, it's okay. I never know what happen, but I'm in good shape.

Q. This is not like you, is it?

Q. It sounds like you may even be happier with today's round?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, yeah, I think so, because I'm working hard today and make couple mistakes, second shot on 18 hole and make fat shot, and then make chip shot for par. When you feel good, you happy, and I make good par at 18 hole, and that's why I am happy, because play good today.

Q. Was that a pitching --
EDUARDO ROMERO: No, it was sand wedge from there, 100 yards, hit it fat, and it was just past the water. Lucky, but I make good from there, yeah.

Q. You really had a lot of --
EDUARDO ROMERO: It's unbelievable. The drive hit long and long and long, it's unbelievable. Sometimes I'm surprised myself, you know? I hit 330, 325 yards, it's unbelievable.

Q. Longer than usual?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yes, more longer than five years ago, at least, yeah, for sure.

Q. What was your shot sequence on --
EDUARDO ROMERO: I don't know difference but 195 to the flag. How long is the 18, probably --
THE MODERATOR: It's 420. It said your putt was 4 feet for par.
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, for par.

Q. And then your shot was from 84 --

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