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October 26, 2007

Bob Estes


THE MODERATOR: Just a couple of opening comments. You got through 23 holes before you finally stopped with a bogey. But overall another great day. Just a couple general comments.
BOB ESTES: Yeah, I was just really claiming the scorecard that quick. I got a little tired. It was a long, tough course. After a quick turn around from last night to this morning, you definitely would like a lot more rest before having to get up and do it again so soon.
But it was more of the same for the most part. I probably hit it a little closer yesterday overall. I guess ShotLink would probably tell you exactly.
But I hit two really good shots on the first holes with sand wedges. Could have birdied those two. I had one spin back up against the rough on number 1. Had to chip it to make par. Then I missed a 10 footer for par on number 2 before birdying 3, 4 and 5. So I was trying to keep it going.
And I pulled it off on the tee on 6 into the trees and bushes. Let it chip out, and two-putted for a bogey there. But overall, that course is still not easy. We're still hitting a lot mid-long on the putt shots and that's after you have to drive the ball on the fairway.
So there are a lot of birdie holes, but there are holes that you're pretty much hoping to hit a good tee shot, good arm shot and make par. With the fairways soft and the greens soft, you know, you still can make a lot of birdies.
THE MODERATOR: Daniel was in just a few minutes ago and he was commenting on how you pull off of each other. He's bogey free through 36 holes. From your end of things, is that something that works for you as well, kind of pulling off of each other?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, I think so. That's what I was talking about last night, too. Even though Bob Tway only shot 3 under, he still made a bunch of birdies yesterday as well. We were all making lots of birdies. It is pretty much the same today. So, yeah.
You've got to plan it like that where everybody's playing well, and you get that momentum going. We've got one or two players struggling. It kind of slows things down. You're seeing more bad shots as opposed to seeing fairways and greens.

Q. You're taking some rest before tomorrow's round. Is it nice to make that birdie and get a little momentum and take off and not be out here for a little while?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, I'm probably going to have a short, sweet practice session after we're done here. But it will be nice to go back and get some rest and have plenty of time. As opposed to the guys we're playing this afternoon, they're going to have to do what we did last night. Just a quick turn around, get back out to the golf course and finish up. Quickly in the third round for those who make the cut.
So it will be nice to have some time to relax now. We just didn't have enough time, really, to do everything I needed to do to get to sleep soon enough before having to get up to head back out this way. So, yeah, it's nice to have a little more time and get more rest.

Q. Daniel also commented on how it's just outright imperative to be lift, clean and place because the fairways are incredibly wet. And the divots are not your typical divot size, they're more like the size of a fist. We asked him without that lift, clean and place rule in effect, where would he be in terms of under par? He said he would be lucky if he was under par at all?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, the balls are just covered in mud once we get to them. We're not that good. When the ball's covered in mud, you don't know where it's going to go. Sometimes you have an idea what the ball might do, but like if it's on one side of the ball, these balls are covered in mud.
It's just so -- yesterday was muddy, and today was down right sloppy. So, yeah, the fairway's just covered in mud. So we wouldn't even -- you wouldn't even think about planting the ball down today.

Q. Was that the biggest difference with your planning the afternoon round and morning round today. Messy and more messy this morning?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, in a sense. For somebody like me who likes to hit down on the ball as opposed to somebody who picks the ball. I guess most of the guys hit down on the ball. But I might hit down on it a little more than others. So there were a lot of one-arm finishes because once that club gets down into the mud, it just keeps going down. Sometimes it's tough to get the club through the turf and out.
So once the club is in the turf like that, it's kind of hard to maybe keep the faces square as you'd like to hit the ball where you're looking, so...

Q. Pending the weekend, it seems there have been fewest made on the front nine, and then kind of moved today. You talk about making three birdies and almost making more. Do you feel like heading into the weekend, you want to get off to a quick start on the front nine to keep pace or keep ahead?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, you're probably better. You still make some birdies on the back. But I think the front's probably just a little shorter and a little easier. So yeah, you better get you some birdies on the front if you want to keep pace.
THE MODERATOR: If you'd just run through, give us some clubs and on the birdies, if you would.
BOB ESTES: I hit the wedge on 3. I think I hit about 120 yards or so. Maybe 121. You just want the clubs or?
THE MODERATOR: Yeah, just the clubs would be helpful.
BOB ESTES: Yeah, just a wedge on 3. Number 4, a 4-iron little past the hole to the right. Number 5, I hit another 5-iron out of the right rough back into the wind a little bit.
THE MODERATOR: Jump up on 9.
BOB ESTES: Number 9, the driver and sand wedge. 94 yards, I think, to the hole on that one. So sand wedge on 9. The last two? 16 and 18. 16 I hit 5-wood off the tee, two-putted for birdie. 18 was driver, 8-iron, made it.
THE MODERATOR: Nice way to finish. Thanks for coming in. Best of luck on the weekend.

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