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October 25, 2007

Curt Schilling


Q. Were you disappointed you came out when you did, or did you feel it was the right time?
CURT SCHILLING: I had a little trouble getting loose in the sixth. I could not get it feeling right. I tried everything I could do in the bottom of the fifth, but I just couldn't get loose. And I think Terry knows me well enough from just a body language standpoint that I didn't really have to say anything. I just had trouble.
I thought I didn't command the baseball very well that inning. So I certainly couldn't complain.

Q. Was that based on the weather or was it cold out there or anything?
CURT SCHILLING: I don't know what it's based on, it just didn't work out.

Q. Following up on that, what is it like to get this win tonight? Were you kind of relying on your bullpen whereas last night Josh was to dominate the offense was there, but tonight you leave, you want to go longer but you've got these young kids that come up and do what they did?
CURT SCHILLING: This was the Pap/Okajima show tonight (laughter). That was just phenomenal to watch. A 2-to-1 game in the fifth that ends up 2 to 1 with both of these offenses, that is a testament to how incredibly efficient and dominating these bullpens were tonight. Okajima was perfect, just absolutely perfect, every single pitch. And that's a hell of a lineup to go through.
And then Pap comes in, and his stuff is -- much like Josh, his stuff is a little bit better now than it was all year, and that's saying a lot. Those two guys, that was the story tonight. Those guys were -- much like all year, our bullpen has been dominating, and tonight we had to have it, and they both answered the bell.

Q. This could be your last start in Boston. Your thoughts, your emotions?
CURT SCHILLING: Don't have any, I really don't. I guarantee everybody is as sick of hearing it as I am. It seems like the last four or five games everybody is asking this could be, this could be. Whatever happens is going to happen. You know, I have faith in God that it's going to work out the way it's supposed to work out. They know what I want and they know I want to come back, and we'll deal with that at the appropriate time. We're trying to win a World Series, so it makes it very, very easy not to even think about it.

Q. When you were in Arizona in 2001 you guys won the first two home games, then came back and struggled at Yankee Stadium, some great games, and won the World Series. Is there anything you can take back here and tell your teammates about that experience that would help you?
CURT SCHILLING: No. I mean, no. Since I'm the only guy from either team in that World Series that's playing in this one, no. This is the two best teams in the game, the two left standing. Regardless of us being up 2-0 or what percentages say, it's irrelevant to us and it's irrelevant to them. We're both here because we really didn't pay attention to statistics. We played the games at hand and we grinded out a 162-game schedule.

Q. What do you think made you different than when you faced them than the last time?
CURT SCHILLING: I was better. I mean, going back to that first game, which I watched a couple times, horrible execution, and I think at that point I was at the tail end of being able to pitch. Physically I was struggling.
Tonight we had a game plan. In addition to Pap and Oke, this game was an absolute credit to our advance scouts. My game plan absolutely, but we don't throw over to first base on our own for the most part, ever. It's always a sign from the bench. I would guess given the type of player that Matt is, he was going there, because he's a guy who, like a lot of other guys that maybe aren't barn burners, they'll take advantage when they get forgotten about. And given the lead he took and the way he came back, I think he was going there. Our advance scouts pick stuff up like that, and I'm sure he got the sign to throw over and caught them off guard.
In a billion-dollar organization it does come down to the little things, and those guys, Joshy and Kyle, all those guys putting those advance reports together, are as much a part of this as the players in some cases.

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