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October 25, 2007

Eduardo Romero


THE MODERATOR: Good to see you. Eduardo, thank you for joining us. 8-under, four in the front, four in the back. Talk about your day.
EDUARDO ROMERO: I played fantastic. I started with a birdie in the first hole. My game is good. I played good all year long, had a mistake in the middle of year, all week thinking I could win the tournament, but I think sometimes I lost my concentration and then -- but I play good today.
I make nine birdies and one bogey on the seventeen hole, but it's okay. 8-under, I'll take it.
EDUARDO ROMERO: Start with one, birdie, putt from 5 feet, and it was a good driver, No. 5, long way to green, and one putt for 7 feet.
The other was a driver again, pitching wedge, and then one putt from 8 feet.
Then the next one was the long birdie in number eight, and then I make a birdie from 5 feet.
The next was twelve, good driver, pitching wedge and one putter for 5 feet.
And the par 5 was a driver, and missed a chance for eagle, and 7 feet. And then chip-in -- made the lip of the green and made a chip-in from there, from probably 5, 10 yards.
And then another birdie on fifteen. I think it was the best driver today, and then pitching wedge, and one putt from 3 feet.
Then a good birdie on sixteen, and I hit the driver to the right and ended up in the rough and made a putt 10 feet from birdie.
Then bogey on the seventeen. I wasn't happy with my club; I'm changing from a 9, just over the green and made a good bogey, and then -- it was a 9-iron.
And then made number eighteen. I'm happy with my game. Fantastic round.

Q. Is there a particular part of this golf course that you particularly like?
EDUARDO ROMERO: I like all the golf course because it's exactly for me. Long over the tee, good fairway, rough, and I love playing this course. It's exactly what I want.

Q. (Away from mic)?
EDUARDO ROMERO: I think so, yeah, yeah.

Q. What is the advantage for you, is it the length that gets you going on this course?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, I think this course is narrow. I hit long and straight, and I think this is an advantage for me. I like playing courses like this, because I hit long and straight. Then putting good.
Sometimes my worst club is a putter, but not today. Today I'm putting very good, and I'm happy, feeling strong for this week. I feel very good for this week.

Q. (Away from mic)?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, yeah, I think this is the first time this year I made so many putts, but normally, 28, 29, 30 putts, and I had 23. Make 23 putter, I make 63, 64 for sure, yeah.

Q. So are you going to have a long-drive contest tomorrow?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, why not? (Chuckles.) No, I don't think so.

Q. Would you love to see -- it was more than two hours before you finished from when Jim Thorpe finished.
EDUARDO ROMERO: I heard everyone say, "Come to make eagle." I look, 8-under, and then -- I remember one time ten years ago when Seve Ballesteros just made the cut, and then 3-over made the cut, and then make 62, and when I see -- Jim Thorpe, No. 16, I say, remember, Seve can do the same? Yeah, he was exactly the same score.

Q. You could literally slow him down tomorrow. He played in 2 and a half hours by himself. You could slow it down.
EDUARDO ROMERO: I think I play with Jim tomorrow; I like playing with Jim. Good guy.

Q. You guys are quiet; don't have much to say.
EDUARDO ROMERO: That's true, that's true! (Chuckles.)

Q. What's your schedule like?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Very busy. Back to Argentina, have to play six tournaments in a row, because it's the season over there, Argentina Masters, and then others, and finish third week of December, and then the second week of Jan start in Hawaii. Only have 25 days.

Q. You're playing six in a row?

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