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October 25, 2007

Derek Fathauer

Daryl Fathauer


GREG BALL: Thanks for joining us, guys. I know you didn't get to finish your round, but looks like you played pretty well out there. Just talk a little bit about your rounds. We'll start with Derek.
DEREK FATHAUER: Nothing special. Just a lot of pars, two birdies and two bogeys. I was just a little nervous starting and just trying to hit fairways and greens and I wasn't doing that. Luckily I was getting it up and down. Nothing spectacular. Just safe golf, I guess.
GREG BALL: Daryl, how about you?
DARYL FATHAUER: I was nervous out there first couple holes. Played a good first hole, which was nice, but just hitting it -- I hit a few shots in the rough, and I mean, you can't hit it in the rough out there.
The ball just sinks straight down to the bottom. It's tough to get a club on it. I just need to go out there and hit some fairways and hit the greens and make some putts.
GREG BALL: Overall can you just assess your -- I know you didn't get to finish a full round, but assess your performance so far. Maybe nice to get those first-round jitters out of the way.
DEREK FATHAUER: It was hard to get through the first few holes. I was really nervous. But then I was playing with two really nice guys and they made it easy. So kind of calmed down now and just looking to make some birdies.
DARYL FATHAUER: I would say the same thing. The guys I played with are really cool guys. I mean, talking to them the whole time and learning some stuff from them. They're really nice to us, making it a little bit easier for us to go out there and help us relax.
GREG BALL: Any questions?

Q. This one is for both of you. When you're standing over your ball on the first tee, for you Derek, what's going through your mind? What's the last thing that you guys think?
DEREK FATHAUER: On the first tee there weren't that many people out there, but I was just hoping to hit a solid shot. I hit it all right. Just pulled it a little bit. Just wanted to get it out of the way.
DARYL FATHAUER: I just wanted to hit a good one. Yesterday there were few people out there on the first tee and kind of whiffed one out there, and I whiffed one out there again today. Right down the middle. Perfect.

Q. Talk about that first hole you made birdie on the first hole in a PGA TOUR event. What did you feel like when you made that birdie?
D. FATHAUER: Well, it wasn't much of a putt, but it was a good shot in there. It's pretty cool. All of our buddies and friends out there got to see it and they were going nuts. That was fun.

Q. We know about the obvious similarities. But how are you different in technique or personality?
D. FATHAUER: From what I've heard I'm more of a feel player and he's a little bit more mechanical than I am. That's just what I've heard. You'd have to ask someone else that knows us.

Q. Is it difficult to be competing in the same sport, or have you sort of thrived on that?
DARYL FATHAUER: I think it's good that we are in the same sport and get to play together a lot. I mean, growing up I always had someone to play with.
DEREK FATHAUER: I would say the same thing. It's been nice having someone else there every day you're practicing instead of practicing on your own. I guess it's been nice. I don't know what else to say.

Q. I think your parents did not play and your grandmother played for lessons at what, age 11?
D. FATHAUER: Ten. That's when we started and haven't stopped yet.

Q. What was it about those early experiences that made you say, This is what we want to do?
D. FATHAUER: When we started we played a lot of golf with friends of ours that were the same age, and it was kind of something we would do after school. We never got in trouble, but kept us, I guess, from getting into trouble.

Q. This is for Derek. Rolled in a couple of pretty tough putts there on the first two holes to make par, and by the time you had got to the 10th green there was a pretty big gallery and they were cheering pretty loudly for you. You almost seemed a little embarrassed or shy from the big Champ cheers. Talk about hearing the fans from the side of the green.
DEREK FATHAUER: Yeah. I told the guys I was playing with not to mind them, and if they wanted me to tell them to be quiet they would, but they said their first tournaments they had fans like that as well, cheering for pars. But I thought it was a lot of fun.

Q. You guys had to wait a little while after the scheduled tee times. Any extra apprehension waiting?
D. FATHAUER: I didn't really notice. I let my caddie keep track of time, and he got me there right when I needed to be there.
D. FATHAUER: Same way. My caddie has a nice watch and he told me what time it was and we went off to the first tee.

Q. Were you on time at the tee?
D. FATHAUER: We were running a little bit behind time. I don't know what he was doing. We made it, though.

Q. Now you guys have got the first day out of the way. Probably be a little bit more relaxed going into tomorrow. What are the expectations or goals, or does it change your mindset now that you have a day of this under your belt?
D. FATHAUER: Well, I have some work to do tomorrow. Had a few bad holes today, but hit a good shot before the horn blew and just going to get out there and start fresh tomorrow. Be ready to play.
D. FATHAUER: I think I hit it down the fairway. If you can hit it down the fairway and tee it up and put it on a preferred lie you have a great chance of making birdies. But if you hit the rough you're going to struggle for pars. Hit some fairways tomorrow.
GREG BALL: All right, guys. Anything else? Thanks for joining us.

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