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October 24, 2007

Clint Hurdle


Q. In the history of teams losing big in the first World Series game are really kind of anomalous. A bunch of teams have come back and won the World Series after losing like this. Where is your confidence level and what's your feeling going into Game Two?
CLINT HURDLE: Well, one of the strengths this club has had throughout the season is our confidence hasn't been shaken by the results of a game. Really a series of games. That being said, that's not the way we drew it up. But you know what, we've had to go out and play, we've got some pitchers that have to make some pitches. We've got to see some pitches. I feel real confident we'll get back out there and get after it tomorrow.

Q. How much of an impact was the 8-day layoff or how much of a case was that Beckett?
CLINT HURDLE: I think you saw Beckett and I saw our inability to shut down innings. I think they scored all but two runs with two outs. You can ask me all series long, I'm not going to be able to give you an answer on that. We're a no-excuse ballclub, always have been, we're going to be. We got outplayed tonight.

Q. You mentioned being a no-excuse ballclub, but you've seen outings from Jeff Francis and Franklin Morales. Would you say they got kind of caught up in the moment at first?
CLINT HURDLE: No, I can't say that, and that's a good point, but that's somebody else's opinion. One thing I'm not going to do is let other people's opinion drip on me or carry them around. Francis has had some real good games, but he's had some games where he's gotten rocked early. His inability to make pitches with two strikes tonight, that hurt him. And obviously with Franklin, with two outs and one man on, what was it, six straight guys got on base. So we've got some things we can work on.

Q. There were a couple of little kind of tactical things in the first few innings that kind of turned against you. Can you talk about what goes into the decision to bring the infield in for Ramirez there and then putting Lowell on to pitch to Varitek?
CLINT HURDLE: You don't want to talk about the ones that worked?

Q. Not tonight. I'll ask about those another night.
CLINT HURDLE: Okay. Well, we don't very rarely -- with less than two outs, we play the infield in. It's something we've done for a high percentage of the time throughout the season. You've got offensive -- they've got a lot of options. You've just got to pick your shots, when to take them. We went after Manny. That didn't work. The time we passed on Lowell, you know, he got 120 RBIs this year, so you keep pitching to him with men on base I think you're barking up the wrong tree. We made some decisions that didn't work out.

Q. Why was Beckett so effective today?
CLINT HURDLE: He's been effective for a while now. His fastball has got good late life. He pitches both sides of the plate when he wants to and he gets ahead and he can start spinning the ball so effectively well. Working on counts, good rhythm, good pace. As advertised, we've seen it before. We saw more of it tonight.

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