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October 21, 2007

Josh Beckett


Q. Was there any point in the game tonight where you were warming up and you felt like you could be close to coming into this, or was it always just --
JOSH BECKETT: They're always an inning ahead of that. So generally if you've got somebody like myself in the bullpen and I start warming up, there's a situation that has basically me coming in the game. Otherwise I would have just been sitting down there. I wouldn't have warmed up at all.
And then the situation changes one other time, and after that it was kind of like, sit down, don't worry about it.

Q. Can you talk about your two games in this series. And looking ahead to the World Series, can you talk a little bit about the Rockies?
JOSH BECKETT: Just one of those deals. You know, we came up big whenever we needed to in Game 5, whether it be me pitching or -- we ended up scoring seven or eight runs that day. So that was obviously the big thing for this series.
And looking ahead it's going to be probably tomorrow and we'll start thinking about those things.

Q. You've obviously had a very good year. Particularly, though, the last month you've gone against some great pitchers going back to September, Halladay, Chien-Ming Wang, and then two games in this series. Have you amped up your concentration as it's gotten chillier here?
JOSH BECKETT: "Chillier," is that a metaphor? I don't know, I go out there every time, and the first couple innings you try and figure out what you've got and what's not going for you and what's not working so well. Don Sutton used to tell me every time, you go out there, you're going to be a different guy. So throughout the course of a year you can be between 30 and 35 people.
Between the first couple innings you're trying to figure out which guy you are. It's kind of like my first innings are always -- if you're going to get to me, generally the first inning is the inning that I'm trying to figure out who I am that day. You know, I've just been able to execute pitches, whether it be Chien-Ming Wang or C.C. Sabathia, nobody wants it more than me. When I'm out there, I feel like the guys are all behind me, and I just feel like we're better than everybody else.

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