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October 21, 2007

Dustin Pedroia


Q. Can you talk about that comeback, and what were some of the factors in coming back from 3-1 down?
DUSTIN PEDROIA: You know, it was tough. You know, I remember sitting in Cleveland when we got beat that third game, and trying to find a way to turn this around. You know, because we worked so hard all year long to have our season get cut short. Nobody wanted to go home, nobody wanted to say goodbye to everybody. So once we got that win in Cleveland, brought us back here, we started to believe.
That team over there, they're great. We were able to come back on them. We scored some runs, that helped us out, and we pitched really well and played great defense.

Q. What do you think it is about this team that you guys are able to come back from down 3-1? That's not an easy thing to do, to reel off three games like that.
DUSTIN PEDROIA: You know, I think the veteran guys have kind of instilled belief in us. They kind of set the tone early in the season, we want to win the American League East, we want to win the World Series. You know, when your season is almost over, we're down 3-1 and you get that sense of urgency that we're going to play every inning, every pitch, everything as hard as we can, and we did that the last three games.

Q. Speaking of that experience factor, do you and some of the other younger guys feed off of that personally? Do you get a sense of confidence, a sense of calmness from talking to some of these veteran guys who have been through this?
DUSTIN PEDROIA: Absolutely. You know, we've never been through this. This is on the biggest stage. Everyone is watching these games. I remember the Angels series, I was nervous. Alex Cora told me, "Hey, settle down, be yourself, have fun. This game is meant to be played, have fun. Play as hard as you can and leave it out there on the field. If we lose, we lose. Don't have any regrets."
You know, ever since then I kind of went out there, and I don't worry about anything but playing hard. I think everybody is doing that. Nobody cares about anything, just picking each other up and playing the game to win.

Q. Can you talk about the ball you hit out. It looks like you knew it right away and then maybe second-guessed it for a second. And then also reflect on the ball Youkilis drove out.
DUSTIN PEDROIA: Yeah, I mean, I hit it good, and the wind was kind of blowing out to center and it kind of started pushing it, so I was like, geez, don't hit the top of the fence. Once it went out, man, I was so excited and had so much adrenaline going on, I don't even remember running around the bases to tell you the truth. I just got around there.
It was the biggest at-bat of my life, and I'll never forget it.

Q. From your vantage point, the base hit where Lofton stays at third, when that caroms off, are you thinking this game is tied?
DUSTIN PEDROIA: Yeah, you know, I didn't know he didn't score until -- I was looking up waiting for Manny to throw me the ball, and I kind of looked up and I saw him there. Any situation like that, one out, first and third, we're trying to find a way to get a ground ball, and we got it right there, and it was kind of a perfect double play ball, and it was a huge momentum swing for us. I thought that was the biggest play of the game.

Q. Can you look ahead to the Rockies. They played you tough in June here at Fenway.
DUSTIN PEDROIA: Yeah, obviously they have a great team. They've won, I don't even know how many in a row. They've been playing great baseball for a long time. We're excited about the opportunity. We get to keep playing, and it's definitely going to be fun on Wednesday.

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