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October 21, 2007

Mark Shapiro


MARK SHAPIRO: I'll take a few questions.

Q. How long have you known that -- when did you know that Paul (inaudible)?
MARK SHAPIRO: Paul and I talked late Friday night. That was the first time I've been aware of any of this. That was our complete contact on it.

Q. Considering that all this happened before he came here and he's not under apparently any threat of legal consequences, does the club have a particular interest other than it's a timing and embarrassment and that kind of thing?
MARK SHAPIRO: It's hard for me to say. There's a lot of parties involved, Major League Baseball, Paul, and it's tough for me to get -- with the incomplete knowledge I've got of the situation it's tough for me to have an understanding of that right now.

Q. How about the timing of this? Are you bothered by that?
MARK SHAPIRO: This club has been so resilient all year long. We've had so many opportunities to turn adversity or distractions into excuses, and we've never done it. So I remain firm in my belief of our players and their ability to focus on what's most important right now, which is Game 7 of the ALCS.

Q. I assume that Paul told you a story. Is that okay with you, what he told you?
MARK SHAPIRO: Well, Paul told me almost identically what's been written and nothing more. Again, I don't think I've got enough information to provide a complete judgment or opinion at this point.

Q. Do you know for sure that MLB would have known about the prescriptions?
MARK SHAPIRO: I don't have any information regarding MLB.

Q. Do you know if anyone at MLB was aware?
MARK SHAPIRO: Again, what I know is basically what Paul told me Friday, and that's what was printed.

Q. When was the first time you learned he was using hormones?
MARK SHAPIRO: Friday was the first time I was aware of anything.

Q. Were you aware of any pituitary issue?
MARK SHAPIRO: That's a general medical issue and doesn't allow me to comment at all beside what Paul indicated to you.

Q. Paul indicated MLB knows about it, but they called you almost as if they didn't.
MARK SHAPIRO: I didn't say that. No, I mean, just my contact started Friday and it really hasn't extended beyond what Paul said in writing. Again, I think there are a lot of parties involved that at some point will have some role in this. At this point the only contact I've had has really been with Paul.

Q. It seems like investigators have had a list of names for a while. Are the Indians aware of the timing with the league, what's been going on?
MARK SHAPIRO: Again, we don't have any control over that. I'm more looking at this as something I've got to deal with and Paul has to deal with. Our players have to deal with what's most important, which is Game 7. We've had plenty of opportunities to let things derail us in the past and have never done it. I think this is going to be a non-issue at 8:23 tonight.

Q. Do you know if he's ever been tested for this by MLB?
MARK SHAPIRO: I'm unaware of that, and those things are definitely private and in their hands and Paul's hands.

Q. Are you aware of any penalties from Major League Baseball?
MARK SHAPIRO: I'm sorry, I'd like to able to comment more, but I'm certainly not an expert.

Q. Has MLB told you that they want to talk to Paul yet?
MARK SHAPIRO: You know, my knowledge of the situation extends to what Paul told me Friday night and not beyond that. Again, nothing official. I'm sure there will be some follow-up.

Q. Did Paul tell you the story is coming out and here's the story about my condition?
MARK SHAPIRO: Bart let me know that the San Francisco Chronicle had contacted Paul at that point. I wanted to talk to Paul to get an understanding of what happened.

Q. (Inaudible.)

Q. When MLB talked about discussing eligibility for Paul?
MARK SHAPIRO: Again, I have no had extensive contact with MLB or any of their officials.

Q. They issued a statement that said if you guys advance they would want to interview Paul before the World Series started. Would you urge him to --
MARK SHAPIRO: That will be an issue for Paul to handle with his representative and the union.

Q. Do you think Paul is in a proper state of mind to pitch tonight?
MARK SHAPIRO: I'm confident that he'll stay focused if that has to happen. Again, I don't think that's going to be a factor in our decision making.

Q. Do you know why he chose not to comment on Friday?
MARK SHAPIRO: You'd have to ask Paul.

Q. Does this affect the way you approach his club options in 2008?
MARK SHAPIRO: I haven't had time to process how this affects anything. And again, I go back to I don't feel our information is complete at this time. I don't feel like we have the full landscape of what's going on. Like any decision we make, we'll factor everything in going forward. Again, right now my focus is on this game.

Q. You didn't find out about it until the end of the second year here?
MARK SHAPIRO: I think just based on what it sounds like it didn't evolve around here.

Q. Where will you go for information?
MARK SHAPIRO: What information?

Q. On any of this.
MARK SHAPIRO: Again, I think there are a lot of people involved in the process, Major League Baseball, Paul, the union, and those will be the people involved, and we'll play the role that we're asked to play.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK SHAPIRO: That was a private, closed door meeting with the players. No staff were in there and I wasn't in there for that.

Q. Are you confident this won't be a distraction tonight?
MARK SHAPIRO: Very confident.

Q. You said he was in the bullpen tonight. Is there any issue with pitching him?

Q. What was your reaction to (inaudible)?
MARK SHAPIRO: Surprised but supported. He's a guy I've known for 14 years, on and off. Most of the local guys know this guy has been a stellar person on and off the field, personally and professionally. I'm supportive and accepting of the fact I don't know everything going on.

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