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October 20, 2007

Justin Rose


Q. Tell us about a good day?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yes it was pretty good as again I played pretty well out there. It was nice to be in golf shoes at least (after playing in training shoes yesterday because of blisters). It's been a funny week and I feel like I'm falling apart! But I'm just getting on with my business and I think 66 is the worst I could have shot today, I felt like it could have been ten better! But it is one of those courses where you are going to get a lot of opportunities and get a lot of chances. It was a pity I didn't hit a few better putts today as a lot of them were burning the edge of the hole. But it is a step in the right direction.

Q. How are you feeling now?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well my feet are feeling better, my back was okay until the 14th and then it started really hurting me coming in. But I am trying not to think about it and I'm looking forward to the end of the year more than anything else really so I can address all these things.

Q. Were you working through the pain barrier here on certain shots then?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yes a little bit. But it is actually a little bit of the beware the injured golfer because it is making me swing a lot smoother and hit the ball a lot better. I hit the ball solidly coming so there was no real excuses for me in terms of scoring. I was still hitting the ball nicely so there is not a problem there. It is just more of a mental thing with it nagging away at me. But listen, I'm done talking about it, it is what it is, we all know the story and I just have to get myself fit.

Q. You do seem able to shrug it off and still enjoy yourself out there?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yes although my patience has been tested this week purely because it is a low scoring course and although I haven't made many mistakes, I haven't made enough birdies either. I have only dropped shots on two holes in three rounds and both of those have been on par fives so I am playing well. But I think today has put me far enough up the leader board that a good score tomorrow will get well rewarded.

Q. How much impact do you feel you can make tomorrow when so many players are going low?
JUSTIN ROSE: I will improve my position today with what was a good day's work although obviously a nine or ten under par round today would have been better but hey. I am starting at 11 under par tomorrow and if I can get to 20 under par tomorrow then it will have been a good week.

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