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October 17, 2007

George McNeill


Q. Regarding last week, can you reflect on that now that you've had a few days to absorb what happened, and more so, moving forward and what that victory means to you.
GEORGE McNEILL: I mean, well, moving forward, second question, you know, I'm looking forward to next year now obviously. There's so many events, first one of the year now, winners-only tournament and everything else. It will be a nice way to kick off the year.
By I still realize that I have three more events this year that I'm playing, and I mean, now my goal, obviously my goals have changed. Before it was I hope I make enough money to keep my card. And now I'm going I hope I make enough money to get in the Top-30 to get in the Masters. That is my immediate goal for these next few weeks. Not that that's the only reason I'm playing these next three, but a lot of it is trying to get into the Masters.

Q. A lot of the Fall Series is about guys jockeying for position; I imagine you're a big fan of the Fall Series?
GEORGE McNEILL: Oh, sure, it's why we're out here. What else are we going to do? We're out here and this is our job to play golf and entertain and have some fun and travel around. So, yeah, I'm out here to play golf. People are asking me, "You know, why don't you just take the rest of the year off?"
I said, "Well, what am I going to do, sit at home and do nothing?" You know, I might as well play. And our last two events are in Florida which is where I'm from, so I feel like I'm very comfortable at those events.

Q. Did you ever consider skipping this one and then just going home and resting all week?
GEORGE McNEILL: Yes and no -- not really. I was already out here. It was a 50-minute flight from Vegas to here.
I mean, my plan was when I started the Fall Series, was to play the first two events, Turning Stone and the Viking, and then take the week of San Antonio off and then play the last four events. So that way I didn't play seven in a row; one, and also, you know, just so I could obviously work on Money List, because I was not in the Top-125; and then work my way into it, and obviously now, that's taken care of and I can work on some other things.

Q. Can you talk about this course, the challenges it presents; just the way it's setup.
GEORGE McNEILL: I've only played it once, yesterday. I mean, from what I see is that there's some room off the tee. The greens are going to be tough. There's some undulation and everything. You know, it's desert golf. You hit it in between the cactuses and aim for the green spot out there and go.
It's just like a got lot of desert golf courses that I have played. You know, it's not overly long, but it will -- it will be a challenge, just because I think the greens, and also the wind, you know, the wind can get blowing out here. There's nothing to stop it. So that will make it a little tougher, if the wind does blow.

Q. Plus a lot of the guys in the field call this home. Do you see that as a disadvantage?
GEORGE McNEILL: I mean, not really. You've still got to hit in the hole in the least amount of strokes.
Yeah, there is an advantage to guys who have played here a bunch of times. They probably feel a little more comfortable, the guys who live here. Last week is my first time seeing that golf course, and look what happened.
You know, anything can happen. Anybody can get beat on any given day. It's not really a -- but, I mean, yeah, just like for me next week going home to Florida, I've never played the golf course and I've never played the golf courses at Disney; but, it's on the same stuff that I'm familiar with. And out here, it's bermudagrass, so I'm familiar with how to play out of that, and the rough and the greens and everything else. So I don't feel necessarily disadvantaged at all.

Q. My last question is, are you feeling anymore confidence given what happened on Sunday? Has that win helped your confidence?
GEORGE McNEILL: Confidence in my game, yeah. Confidence that, you know, I have proven to myself that I can win.
I mean, winning's fun. Winning is what we're out here to do. I'm not out here to finish 25th. I want to win. And all of the perks that go along with it are great, and you can just take it as it comes.
Yeah, I know that if I just play my own game I can win. Obviously it's not going to happen every week, but you know, I've proven to myself that I can do it.
But now I look at it as I want to win in some tougher environments and tougher stages. I think that will help me get a little more confident in my game and my abilities.

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