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October 14, 2007

Yorvit Torrealba



Q. With your experience with Livan Hernandez from San Francisco, do you think that helps you have good approaches at the plate against him, that you know what his approach is going to be on the mound?
YORVIT TORREALBA: Not really to be honest with you. He was a different pitcher when I was in San Francisco. I mean, he used to throw a little bit harder and then I think every year he got even better. He located his pitches even better.
I don't see it helped. I basically am going for what he usually do against me. I was just basically looking soft. And then he got me with the bat before he got me with a slider. Right down the middle. That was in the back of my head he might just go soft again, and he didn't.

Q. Can you just describe quickly this season when you came out of spring training, the number one job wasn't even yours, they were going to give it to Chris. Now here you are hitting one of the most important homers in Rockies history. In a nutshell can you talk about this season what the ride's been like?
YORVIT TORREALBA: Well, it was definitely a little bit disappointing, but, I mean, what's kind of hard for me was the fact that I was hurt almost all year and there was kind of doubt in my mind, anybody's mind like, hey, can he play every day. I mean, he showed 100 percent. And then like you said on opening day I wasn't catching. I was a little disappointed. I definitely want to play every day and show everybody what I'm able to do.
Then I was just basically waiting for my opportunity. And then finally they gave me an opportunity and I take advantage of it.

Q. That home run at-bat, seven pitches, that's two outs, big moment there. You seem to feed off emotion. How do you stay patient?
YORVIT TORREALBA: It was kind of crazy because he stepped off, I stepped out of the box too. I tried to focus. He take a long time. I was taking a long time. It was a little crazy about right there.
But I was just basically staying with my plan, see the ball, hit the ball, very much looked middle all the way. Most of the time that's what he do against me. And really surprised me that he tried to sneak a fastball inside, then down the middle hit it good.

Q. After fouling off a 3-2 curve, were you looking for another curve or was it a fastball before you hit the home run?
YORVIT TORREALBA: The home run was a fastball but I was looking middle all the way, we saw his stuff. He never really throw me a fastball inside. I don't see all year long he hasn't throw me any fastball inside. I was looking for a slider, a slider down away, or anything soft that way. Like I said, it surprised me and then he left it down the middle and I just reacted to it.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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