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October 14, 2007

Josh Fogg


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Josh Fogg.

Q. Josh, what do you think it is that allows you to do so well in critical games like this?
JOSH FOGG: (Smiling).

Q. The October 1st game notwithstanding.
JOSH FOGG: Yeah. That was a little tougher than usual. I made good pitches tonight. I was fortunate to make ground balls whenever I needed them. The 1st inning was huge to get that line drive. One of those things that you -- your glove's sitting there and the ball ends up in it and you throw it to second base. It happened so fast you're not really thinking about what just happened. Double plays were obviously huge for me early in the game today.

Q. Did that calm you down at all?
JOSH FOGG: I felt good early on. I made a couple of bad pitches to the first two guys. And I got myself in a little bit of a jam. But right there I thought it was a decent pitch to Byrnes. He put a good swing on it. It's one of those things you don't practice those, that's for sure. You just take them as they come. If I knock it down, I'm trying to get a double play the other way.
But I was fortunate enough that CY (Chris Young) was a little too far off second.

Q. Josh, for those who will never pitch a playoff game, specifically what does it feel like to watch Torrealba's home run clear the wall?
JOSH FOGG: It's huge right there, because if he gets out right there I gotta go back for the 7th inning and I'm still in a 1-1 game. You're hoping for any kind of hit, bleeder infield hit, anything that scores a run there. He fought off a good pitch 3-2, that Livan threw him that slow curveball 3-2. It's a tough pitch to hang in there on. He waited back a long time and just got a piece of it. I was fortunate enough to get a fastball the next pitch and put a good swing on it.

Q. The double play in the first inning, there's plenty of time left but they had a lot of trouble scoring runs. When you pulled that play off, did you sense maybe that demoralized them maybe a little bit?
JOSH FOGG: He's a Major League baseball player. I don't think anybody gets down on themselves. They go out there just like our team, they take the same approach that they would in the next eight innings, whether they scored in the first or not.
We were having trouble scoring off of Livan too. So it's one of those things he was making me pitch when needed to. I made some big pitches early on when I needed to.

Q. Starters have been so good in the playoffs, especially this series. Did you feel any sense of I gotta match what Francis and Ubaldo did going out tonight?
JOSH FOGG: I can't compete with those guys. Francis is unbelievable for us and Ubaldo, some of the best stuff in the Major Leagues. I'm going out there, throwing 88-mile-an-hour fastballs and cutters in and I'm trying to trick them. I'm not trying to match them back and forth. I'm trying to go out there and put up as many zeros as I can and let our offense do what they do.

Q. Any motivation from the poster yesterday?
JOSH FOGG: No, that was fun. It was a nice little surprise yesterday. But I always say if I'm not getting up for the game that I have to pitch that night, if I can get up more for another game, I'm not preparing myself well enough for the other ones.

Q. How do you account for your success versus the Diamondbacks?
JOSH FOGG: You know, some teams you match up well against. I think they have a lot of right-handed hitters, which obviously favors me.
Right on right has always been something -- I think it seems like right-handers come up there in big situations and I'm able to go out there, make big pitches when I need to.

Q. How did you prepare for your start after not pitching for about two weeks?
JOSH FOGG: I got to throw out in the bullpen, which was nice. Against Philadelphia, I got a little bit of work there. And you just keep doing the same routine, go out there and throw the bullpen, keep your pitch count up and try to command the ball and stay as fresh as you can.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thank you, Josh.

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