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October 14, 2007

Bob Melvin



Q. You jump out first and second inning, you have guys on first and second, just talk about the opportunities were there?
BOB MELVIN: There's no doubt. It's kind of been the theme of the series so far is they've gotten that one big hit where we haven't. Byrnes hits the ball hard right back to Fogg, first and second, nobody out. Line drive double play. Then a couple more hits in the next inning. So the double play kind of did us in early on, obviously.
Torrealba had a big hit. And that was the difference. Both guys pitched well.

Q. Could you elaborate on Livan's performance and how he pitched kind of trademark Livan style?
BOB MELVIN: I really thought he pitched great. He leaves one slider to Holliday that he can get the barrel on. The rest of the game just the one pitch he was trying to get going on Torrealba. And left it there. And to his credit he got the barrel on it.
Other than that, he pitched great. In a game where we're not giving him any support and the conditions and so forth out there, I thought he did more than his job to keep us in the game, give us a chance.

Q. Would you consider using or starting Webb tomorrow?
BOB MELVIN: No, Webb's not starting tomorrow.

Q. What do you tell your team? Obviously you're down in this spot. What do you tell them?
BOB MELVIN: Well, you know, it's one game at a time. I mean, until they win four. And we can't win four at once. We just gotta get one on the board first. So that's all it will be about tomorrow, going out and trying to win one ball game. If we don't, obviously the flip side of it isn't very good. We can't look at it that way. We've got to get it on the board and take it each game at a time. That's what we've been trying to do all year. That won't change.

Q. Fogg is a lot like Hernandez without the post-season pedigree, what makes him effective in a particular game?
BOB MELVIN: Unpredictable. Good against us all year, left-handers, right-handers, he seems in times to throw more fastballs when he's ahead and more breaking balls when he's behind, lot of changeups in off counts. Just enough sliders and curveballs to keep us off balance and not much in the middle of the plate.

Q. Four wins in three games, is the offense pressing, what's going on with --
BOB MELVIN: Until you talk to each guy individually, I don't see us as a group. It doesn't feel like our guys are going up there and pressing. We've gone through stretches this year where we have not swung the bat very well. And the amount of runs that we've put up in three games aren't going to win you many games. So that's what it's going to be all about. We're going to have to score some runs tomorrow, give us a chance to win the game tomorrow.

Q. Can you comment on the Rockies defense, the spin move by Tulowitzki in the second inning, Atkins' grab going to the right and his throw and just their defense?
BOB MELVIN: They've been great all year. You gotta tip your hat. We hit some balls hard tonight. Seemed like every ball we hit hard someone ended up making a good play. Whether it's in the outfield or infield. It's different than the Rockies you've seen in the past defensively. They're as good as anybody in baseball and it's shown up all series.

Q. Cirillo has given you a couple of quality at-bats, you're looking for a bat, will he be in the lineup?
BOB MELVIN: He'll be in the starting lineup tomorrow. Start him at second base tomorrow.

Q. Livan has pitched out of so many jams over the past years, were you somewhat surprised he was not able to do so in the 6th inning tonight?
BOB MELVIN: We're always surprised if he ends up giving up a big hit. In a game like that, that's all it takes is one. He pitched well. He's been Houdini-like all year and really didn't have to do that tonight. There weren't base runners out there every inning. He was getting ahead. So it ends up being one guy and did we think he was going to get Torrealba out, absolutely. Which you gotta tip your hat to him.

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