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October 14, 2007

D.J. Trahan


JOAN ALEXANDER: D.J. thanks for joining us. Great start on your day, 4 birdies. Low round of the day. You're still in a great position with your Money List. I know you already won last year so it doesn't matter, but it still makes you feel good to go out and play good on Sunday and get it done.
D.J. TRAHAN: Absolutely. Obviously with the end of the season coming up and like I said it's been a frustrating year. To get a nice weekend, and obviously there's a few more tournaments.
I may play two out of these last three, so it's kind of a frustrating year before this week. It was nice to see some putts fall. Obvious I left a few out there on the last few holes.
It almost seemed insignificant with George's lead being so big. He played great and I was proud of myself that I played so well. I hung in there and I played tough today, but he was just too good.
JOAN ALEXANDER: Questions, please.

Q. Seemed like he was managing his game and not trying to push the envelope too much. Did you sense that and did it force you to take a few more chances?
D.J. TRAHAN: No, it didn't. He managed his game just like I managed mine. He just played solid golf today. I don't think George went out there with any kind of a new game plan at all. He played exactly the way he played yesterday, which was hit solid shots and give himself opportunities. I think we both did a good jib of that today. And I think our scores obviously showed that. Obviously he won the golf tournament and I finished second.
We definitely went out there with a particular game plan and were able to play well enough to stick to it and make some birdies and play well.

Q. (No microphone.)
D.J. TRAHAN: No. No. No. The more -- I don't think you can necessarily push like that. When a guy is 4 ahead of you all you can do is try to make birdies, and whatever he does I have no control over him.
So when I a guy pushes it's almost like you're trying to control two people at the same time, and obviously the only one you can control is yourself.

Q. (No microphone.)
D.J. TRAHAN: The wind blew again today, but not anywhere near as hard as it did yesterday. Yesterday was a difficult day. For George to shoot 5-under yesterday was a spectacular round. Today it was a little bit more manageable. The course was still firm and fast so it's hard to get the ball close to a lot of the pins. There were quite a few more birdies out there today.

Q. How do you think this week or weeks you were able to put it together like you did?
D.J. TRAHAN: It's all making some putts. Like I told you, it's been a brutal year on the greens, whether it's an 8-footer for par or a 10-footer for birdie, if you make some of those putts that's amazing how that can keep spurring you on.
I haven't been able to do that all year. Even though I missed a couple short ones coming done the stretch. Like I said it didn't really hurt that much because it seemed kind of insignificant with the big lead. But when you see putts go in and when you're making putts it's amazing how your game follows suit.

Q. If you go back to Thursday, then you made a few in your first round.
D.J. TRAHAN: I been making putts all four days.

Q. The had momentum, didn't it?
D.J. TRAHAN: Every day is a new day. All you can do is hope to go out and do what you were able to do the day before, especially if you're playing well.
I mean, it worked well. I didn't putt great this week but I certainly putted better than I did all year.

Q. (No microphone.)
D.J. TRAHAN: Absolutely. Heading into next week that's my mind frame right now. As well as I played this week I'm just going to try and take the mindset and the way I played this week and bounce it into next week. Hopefully I'll have another great week. All you can hope for is to show up play good golf and be in contention come Sunday afternoon.

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