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October 14, 2007

Tony Clark

Jeff Salazar

Chris Young



Q. Could you talk about the elements tonight, do you think it would be a factor in this game?
TONY CLARK: What elements? We knew coming in it was going to be chilly. We knew it was going to be a possibility of rain. But they gotta play in it too, so at the end of the day regardless of how the ball is going to play, how the ball is going to carry, the moisture that's going to be on the field, it's all going to come down to the team that executes best in and amidst all the elements.
CHRIS YOUNG: Like TC said, both teams have to play and you just got to get out there, still have to get on the bases and you can't really think about all that. Go out there and play the game. Obviously we'll have to wear a couple more layers more than normal. You'll have one or two tough guys out there that may decide not to wear sleeves. But after you get out there, get moving, it will be fine. Get a few hits, keep moving around, you'll be pretty warm. So just go out there have a good time and compete and not think about that.
JEFF SALAZAR: I don't know what else more to say. Basically the same thing. Both teams have to deal with the same conditions. Hopefully adrenalin will take over and keep us warm throughout the game and the same for both sides.
So short game. Maybe bunts come into play a little more and executing pitches and hit and runs and sacrifices, stuff like that.

Q. Could you talk about what it's like facing a guy for the first time and how that might change your preparation, speaking about tomorrow night for Morales?
TONY CLARK: You're asking us a question about tomorrow night's game?

Q. Just looking ahead.
TONY CLARK: I see you working. We'll prepare as we always do. We'll look at the video, we'll maybe call in some favors from some guys that have faced him before to try and get an idea. But you know me well enough to know that I am concerned less about tomorrow's night start and more concerned about tonight's. So we'll address Mr. Morales tomorrow. Lord willing after we find a way to come out on the good side tonight. (Laughter).

Q. One more about tomorrow night. (Laughter) you're one of the leaders on this club, what do you tell your younger teammates considering you're down 2-0 in a best of seven?
TONY CLARK: Play today. Don't worry about the game yesterday or prior to. Don't worry about tomorrow and what may happen there. We can only control our preparation and execution for today. Obviously we would like to be sitting in a different situation with respect to the record of the series. But that being said, we can't try to make up two games today. We can't try to win the series today.
We concentrate and focus on winning the ball game today, nothing more, nothing less.

Q. Could you comment on -- what did Micah's performance in Pittsburgh when he was called upon on short notice to pitch against the Pirates? What did that tell you about him as a player and what he brings to the table?
CHRIS YOUNG: I mean, personally for me, he's a competitor. The latter part of the season he hasn't been in the normal rotation. He's had six, seven days off in between starts. Right now maybe eight days off in between starts.
He's showing he's not worrying about that. He's going to go out there and compete when his card is called. Don't worry, he's going to go out and battle and the bat he's going to bring to the plate is going to help out as well. He's staying in good spirits and he's playing his role great right now. That's all you can ask from a player.

Q. Do you have any memories of crazy weather experiences either here or at Colorado Springs?
JEFF SALAZAR: More so Colorado Springs. But both times I was supposed to play in Colorado Springs, started the season AA the year before and then the following year I was injured so I missed the first half. Turned out to be a blessing, because those guys are playing in 40-degree weather, probably something similar to this.
Last September when I played it wasn't that bad. We got pretty lucky with the weather and stuff. But playing through the years, we've had to deal with stuff like this before. It's just a mental challenge for us all to stay together and stay focused at the task at hand.

Q. Can you comment on your confidence level with starting pitcher like Livan who has had vast experience and the success he's had in the playoffs?
TONY CLARK: I think it always gives you a level of confidence when you're playing behind a guy who has been there, done that. He knows what he needs to do. He knows how to pitch. He's pitched in these big games. So you appreciate running a guy like that out on the mound. We have confidence in all our guys.
That being said, coming out tonight, realizing that we would like to get the ball rolling the right way for us, having a guy like Livan take the hill with the resume he has is reassuring.

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