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October 13, 2007

Curt Schilling


Q. Obviously you weren't around for the decisive part of it later on, but can you describe what the team feels like coming off a loss like that? Is that a difficult one to rebound from?
CURT SCHILLING: It's not difficult to rebound from, not given the makeup of this team. You know, as far as how anybody feels, there's no one that should feel bad in the clubhouse but me. Everything about this one falls on me.
The way he was throwing early in the game and the way we were hitting and our at-bats, you knew we were going to grind it out on him or we were going to run him out of the game early. We put together a great inning, take a lead, and up to the Peralta at-bat I still had it in and I let it get away.
Next thing, unfortunately our bullpen in those situation, it's bordering on minimal. Fifth inning you're asking your bullpen to come in and throw zeroes against that team for however long it was going to take, and that's just not fair to them. This was all about me coming up small in a big game.

Q. Is this a game where you feel like if you could get a shut-down inning after you get the run support, do you feel like you would have had a chance maybe to finish them off?
CURT SCHILLING: I felt that all night. I think we would have won the game. I go out there and put up a zero. I'm not taking anything away from them because they won this game. The home run that Jhonny hit is going to be the one that I'll wonder about forever, simply because based on what -- our history, what we did to them yesterday, what we did to them the first at-bat, I went to the pitch I wanted to go to, I threw the pitch I wanted to throw and I hit my spot, and he hit a home run. I'm not used to that one.
He put a great swing on a pitch I thought was the right pitch; obviously it wasn't. It's a 3-1 homer because obviously the guys ahead of him -- 0-2 to Garko, I try to throw a high fastball, and then Victor hits a ground ball and finds a hole.
But it was a game, had I executed, we should have won. We should have won, and they took it from me, which eventually meant they took it from us.

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