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October 13, 2007

Kent Jones


Q. It's October, so naturally you're on the leaderboard.
KENT JONES: Of course. That's what I've become at home: Mr. October, which I guess isn't all bad.

Q. No. Reggie Jackson and Kent Jones.
KENT JONES: Yeah, and I get razzed about it all the time. Why don't I become Mr. February or March, do better in the spring. I wish I had the answer to that.

Q. But you've been in this situation before, which obviously has to make it easier. There are two schools of thought: You can either say, To heck with it. If I have to go to Q-School I have to go to Q-School. Or you can grind it out. You seem to take it a little bit more in stride than a lot of people do.
KENT JONES: Yeah, I think being in this position the last few years I think it's not something where you want to be, but I'm familiar with it and I've handled it in the past and I have confidence that I can do.
I think right now being in my position, 152 I think obviously for me I've got to play well enough to make sure I'm solid enough inside the top 150, which is big.
And then if you have a chance the last couple weeks of year to do something and move up and you play well, then you do that.

Q. What's different about your golf game right now than maybe mid-summer?
KENT JONES: You know, I'm just hitting it obviously better. I'm striking it well. The first half of the year I didn't play well. Struggled with my golf ball. Wasn't putting well.
Then I've gotten in a groove and I'm hitting it well and putting a little bit better. Everything's coming together. If I can just -- it's always making putts.

Q. How do you move it out there so far? I've always wondered. I've played a lot of golf with you. How do you hit it so darn far?
KENT JONES: Just got to be all technology, right? Just swing hard in case you hit it.

Q. Keep it going. Always a good sport. We appreciate it.
KENT JONES: All right. Thank you very much.

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