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October 13, 2007

Hunter Mahan


HUNTER MAHAN: He was just a little better than me today. I felt like I played very well this afternoon - I was seven under par for 17 holes - but I just got a little too far behind. That start, losing three out of the first four holes, hurt."

Q. Coming in this morning, on 16 and 17, Angel found the bunker and trees, but scrambled to save his pars. How frustrating was that or did it give you a chink in his armour that you could get back at him in the match?
HUNTER MAHAN: He just didn't make any bogeys today, maybe just one. On 16 I thought I 'd get him, and on 17 I thought I'd get him too. That would have been one down, but he scrambled well and then he hit that 3-wood on 18, and that was a turning point, for him to go 3-up with the eagle on 18. Then he won three of the first four, and I was down, but I battled hard and I'm pleased with my fight-back.
I battled hard, then made a bunch of putts with those four birdies in six holes, but I felt like I had a chance when I got it back from 6 - 3 down. I knew it was going to be tough, with the par 5s coming down and him hitting it so good. But I had some chances, only I didn't make the best putts. But I cannot be too upset. He was a little better. I just wasn't as sharp as him or as good as him for the first 21 holes.
I am going back to the States tomorrow, but I'm going to watch the rugby tonight. I'm kind of intrigued by it. There's so much talk about it and obviously there's a lot of pride on the line, so I'm going to tune in for sure. I have watched rugby before and I like it.

Q. How would you evaluate your week here, and with £120,000 heading your way, any ideas what you'll spend the money on?
HUNTER MAHAN: I've had a great time. I honestly played better than I thought I would and it was awesome. It's a great golf course, great people are here. IMG and HSBC run a great tournament. Yes, the money is nice, but I'll put it away somewhere and hopefully won't spend too much of it!
The British fans probably didn't know much about me before but they do now and I got great support this week. I love coming over here. When they get behind you, it's great, so it's nice. I may come back and play in Dubai. That definitely interests me. I've heard great things about it.

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