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October 13, 2007

Colt Knost


Q. 3-under par, 69. Good solid Saturday on a day that was pretty tough out there. When did the wind really pick up?
COLT KNOST: I felt like it blowed all day on us, honestly. This is the calmest it's been all day, our two holes. It played really hard there in the middle of the round especially.

Q. Yeah, it was really thumping out there. You were playing with Mark Calcavecchia, one of the grizzled old veterans, 13 victories. Who were the guys growing up that you admired out here on the PGA Tour?
COLT KNOST: For me, I didn't start playing golf till really late, so for me the first I really got into golf was when Tiger won the Masters in '97, so I mean obviously I looked at Tiger right out the gates.
Tiger and Phil and all those guys. He was definitely one I knew about what it was fun to play with him today.

Q. Now, of course you mentioned Tiger. In '96 Tiger took a sponsor exemption here and turned it into victory No. 1 on the PGA Tour. Enter your mind at all this week?
COLT KNOST: No. I'm just out here trying to play the best I can. I'm trying to just stay as -- I don't know, just trying not get too far ahead of myself right now.
I mean, this is my third PGA event. To win would be amazing, but I'm just trying to finish as high and make as much money as I can right now.

Q. And certainly that's obviously the goal, and looking forward I'm assuming you sent in a Q-School application trying to get out here full time next year. Talk a little bit about the two weeks of now being a professional and the changes. I mean, you're playing for money now.
COLT KNOST: Yeah, it's great. I love it. It's a fun lifestyle. To get paid to play golf, it's hard to beat that. All the guys have been great, treated me really well, and I'm just enjoying every minute of it.

Q. We appreciate you time. Thanks very much and good luck tomorrow.
COLT KNOST: Thanks a lot.

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