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October 12, 2007

Bob Melvin


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Bob Melvin.

Q. With Valverde, was it a case of him maybe running out of gas? I think the most pitches he's thrown is 32. He threw 10 more?
BOB MELVIN: You gotta keep him in there. He's the closer. In there for two innings. And once he gives up a run, you go get him. You gotta at least go with your best until they get a run.

Q. The options you had at that point in time?
BOB MELVIN: Once we get seven, eight, nine, in a situation like that, he's going to be out there. He's pitched through a lot of jams over the course of a season. We've seen him go out there in that fashion and get out of it until he gives up a run, it's his game.

Q. Any insight on what happened with Stephen Drew. Did you talk at all afterwards?
BOB MELVIN: He just assumed he was out. He took his eye off the umpire, was coming off the field. And unfortunately that happened. But when he's sliding in there like that, you just assume you're going in there to break it up to an extent. He jumped over him. He didn't see where Tulowitzki was.

Q. Also a couple of errors the last couple of nights contributing to unearned runs, a little uncharacteristic of the way you guys have played all year?
BOB MELVIN: It is. In these type of games those end up biting you a bit. Walks, whether it's a defensive miscue, it's situational hitting at bat. Those are the things that end up costing you games. We left quite a few guys on base today. So did they. But they scratched that one more than we did.

Q. What explanation were you given by the second base umpire in the 3rd inning?
BOB MELVIN: He blocked the base off and he did. That was the right call.

Q. Going to Colorado 0-2, could you talk about the deficit? And your team, obviously a young team and the mind-set going up there?
BOB MELVIN: Well, you know what? We've come back from difficult circumstances this year. It's two games. The team has to win four before it's over. So we'll have the off day to regroup. We'll go into Colorado, and focus on winning one game at a time.

Q. Any chance Brandon may come back and pitch Monday now?

Q. Impressions of Jimenez, for a young guy in a pressure situation, your insight there?
BOB MELVIN: He's got great stuff. Third time we've seen him. He looked like at times a little bit rattled out there and we just couldn't come up, whether it was one more walk, one more ball that's squared up, one hit. It looked like several times we had a chance to get him out of there.
And we just couldn't do it. He ended up getting a big strikeout or making a big pitch with bases loaded with guys out there, ended up making one better pitch than our at-bat was.

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