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October 12, 2007

David Ortiz


Q. (Question in Spanish.)
Q. I have that same question in English.
DAVID ORTIZ: He asked me, me and Manny, we got on base ten times, if we are aware of it. Basically I told him that we know that they're going to pitch kind of carefully. That's been the talk, night in and night out before this series. So we keep that in mind and we stick with whatever they give us. We still have another seven players that got to take advantage of it because in the playoffs when you walk somebody, sometimes you've got to pay for that later.

Q. Do you believe how hot you guys are right now?
DAVID ORTIZ: I don't know. I guess, yeah, we was hitting the ball good, and you've got to keep it that way, especially in the playoffs when you don't get that many opportunities to produce.

Q. What were some of the keys going against C.C. Sabathia?
DAVID ORTIZ: Well, I guess tonight C.C. was a little wild. You don't get to see C.C. being wild like that too much, so you've got to take advantage of it. When he's in the strike zone, when he's making pitches the way he normally does, he's a tough guy to hit.

Q. Can you guys play any better than you were playing in the last --
DAVID ORTIZ: Come on, better than that? Probably (laughter), but let's keep it that way.

Q. You've gone against some pretty good pitchers lately, go back to Lackey and Escobar, here Sabathia, September, Chien-Ming Wang. You've beaten some good pitchers. What's happening because I think Mike Lowell said there were some dry streaks here in the middle of the season and even at the end, what's happening right now? Why are you beating some of the best pitchers in the league?
DAVID ORTIZ: Because we are professional hitters. We know what we're doing. We work out every day. We have an approach. I don't think it's new for you guys to watch me and Manny hitting. We keep it simple. That's how it is.

Q. For all the talk of you and Manny, how about the rest of the lineup and what they've been able to do around you guys?
DAVID ORTIZ: That's one thing that is very important because when you're only focused on two players, when you have nine players plus, and you don't get production from the rest of the players, I mean, if I'm managing the team I wouldn't give nothing to hit to those two guys.
Those guys were doing a great job and getting it done and producing at the right time, and that makes a difference, too.

Q. What will be the approach for Fausto tomorrow?
DAVID ORTIZ: He's a power pitcher, just like C.C., and tomorrow after we get the victory I'm going to tell the guys what was the approach.

Q. You had four days off after your win over the Angels, and I know there was some concern about staying sharp. What did you personally do to stay sharp over those four days?
DAVID ORTIZ: Well, just keep on hitting, just keep on doing what we've been doing, I guess. Sometimes it's a little hard to stay sharp, but we've been playing this game for a long time, and you definitely need to know what to do on those days off, and the way you can stay the same way that you were before.
Our manager did a good job and our coaches, working with us, seeing live pitching, and trying to keep everybody on the same page.

Q. You've had a hot September, really hot September, and really it's continued to the playoffs, how can you tell when Manny, other than him hitting, how do you know when he's going to be on? Is there something that he's doing that you can tell he's really on his game?
DAVID ORTIZ: Well, me and Manny, definitely we've been watching a lot of video, and we've been keeping the same workout and the same thing that we do during the season. Like I say, we're just trying to keep things simple and you don't have to rush when you're hitting, and it's because -- it's not like in the regular season that sometimes you get bad pitches, call for a strike and you don't know what to do. Next thing you know you're chasing pitches and things like that.
The playoffs is a totally different game, and in your mind you keep the approach that you have, then you're going to have better results. That's what we've been doing.

Q. How important is it to win the first game of the series?
DAVID ORTIZ: The first game doesn't mean too much, but it means a lot because it's a short series and you want to make sure you win as many games as you can. And we're going to try to come home in four games. The next three games we've got left in this one series and try to win right away.

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