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October 12, 2007

Terry Francona


Q. How impressed were you with how Beckett was able to follow up that Division Series start with what he did tonight?
TERRY FRANCONA: He gave us just what we needed. I thought, not looking at the line score, but I thought every inning he went out -- I don't think "struggle" is the right word, but that first hitter of each inning he had to kind of refine himself every inning, and once he did, he got in the flow of every inning and he was very good.
Hafner, the 3-2 change-up. Threw some very good breaking balls. It seemed like it took him a hitter or two every inning to get dialed into each inning.
Q. Can you talk about the offensive attack tonight by the starters?
TERRY FRANCONA: I thought our approach was really, really professional. We didn't pull the ball -- we didn't try to pull the ball. We didn't swing at balls. Even in the middle of the order we had real good discipline, got behind in the count a couple times, 0-2, worked walks, hit the ball the other way, drove the ball the other way, kind of took what he gave us and didn't expand the zone, because if you do, he's going to make short work of you, and we really made him work hard.

Q. Another big night for both David and Manny. What does that give you when those two guys are doing that in the middle?
TERRY FRANCONA: Wow, they were on base, what, ten times. That's kind of the extreme. But again, I thought we had good at-bats all the way up and down, and we had a lot of base runners and took advantage of it.
Like I said, I thought it was a real professional approach tonight.
Q. People talk about phrases like "ace" and "postseason performer," but is there something to the title of a Game 1 starter who can sort of set the tone and match up with their best, and beat him, like Josh has done now two times in a row?
TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah, I understand what you're saying. I know we don't get real caught up in what you're saying, but when you're facing a guy like C.C. or tomorrow like Carmona, you'd better have somebody you believe in, and we do, because you're going to have to beat really good pitchers to keep moving on. We know that. I thought tonight we did a good job. Tomorrow we'll have our hands full.

Q. Can we assume that Pedroia bunted on his own?
TERRY FRANCONA: No. You can assume anything you want (laughing.)
We're trying to move the runner in that situation.

Q. David Ortiz has made six outs in the last eight games. Have you ever seen anything quite like that?
TERRY FRANCONA: (Knocking on wood) We've seen a lot from David. You know what was nice is he really seemed like he was swinging the bat in the first series against Anaheim, and then you have the little break, and you hope that it stays where it is.
But our hitters did a good job this week of all taking at-bats against live pitching, which isn't the funnest thing to do, especially against your own guys. And again, against C.C., a guy that can make you expand the zone, and we didn't do any of that tonight. Again, I hope that carries over to tomorrow because we're going to have to have the same approach tomorrow if we're going to have success against Carmona.

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