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October 12, 2007

Mark Reynolds



Q. I was just reminded at this time last year you were playing in Cuba, playing against a team that was on a pretty good streak. When you're playing against these guys obviously that doesn't compare. But when you're playing against a team that is that hot, what do you do to try to take them out of it and is it good for you that all the attention is on them in the streak?
MARK REYNOLDS: Yeah, they're on a historic streak right now. It's pretty unbelievable what they've been able to accomplish down the stretch. And I don't know what you can do to slow a team down like that.
I was thinking maybe the couple of days off would cool them off a bit but they came off swinging last night and found some holes. Tonight hopefully we get a few breaks and find some holes and hopefully get out of it with a split.

Q. You're a fastball hitter. What happens if you connect on a 100-mile-an-hour fastball?
MARK REYNOLDS: Hopefully it goes into the seats somewhere. But Jimenez has great stuff. He can locate well. It's kind of rare for a guy that throws that hard to be able to locate his fastball. He's got great stuff. His slider and curveball. It's a tough matchup for us but we're going to come out and grind the bats and hopefully get a few across early and let Doug take care of the rest.

Q. Watching what happened with Upton last night and the runner interference call, does that make you change your approach or go in softer in a situation like that?
MARK REYNOLDS: Definitely not. We're taught to go in hard and try to break up the double play. It's unfortunate, it was a judgment call by the umpire. Obviously I'm biased because it was gone against us and I thought it was a clean slide. But it's just the way it goes sometimes. It's a tough break for us because it really killed the rally right there.
But in order to come back by no means is it going to take away from our aggressiveness on the base path. Gibson's really instilled that in our minds to go in hard and try to give your team extra outs to play with. And it's not going to take away from our aggressiveness at all.

Q. People have been waiting for this team to kind of become aware of how young it is and maybe you're not supposed to be here, whatever. Do you sense any difference in your attitude today in the clubhouse after last night, or was it similar to the way it was last week with the Cubs?
MARK REYNOLDS: It's the same it's been all year. We come in and play cards and joke around and watch a little TV. Go out for BP and player games and mess around and we're just out here a bunch of kids having a good time.
And hopefully after the season it will kind of set in what we're in the middle of. But right now it's just another game for us. It's a little later in the year. We're just having a good time out there and not really worrying about the pressure, the magnitude of the situation.

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