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October 12, 2007

Jason Gore


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Thanks for joining us. Followed up a 63 yesterday with 68 today over at here at the TPC Summerlin. How hard is it to follow up a round like a 63 with another good round like you had today?
JASON GORE: It's sometimes pretty difficult, but I think you have to remember that this is 72 holes and sometimes the golf course seems so susceptible that you really try to start to try to push stuff and you get frustrated.
You have to be patient and take them as they come. I think I was pressing a little bit too much on the front 9 and just said, Heck with it, and just kept going on the back and made a few birdies.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Overall on your day, not that you're disappointed, but were you looking to get more out of it?
JASON GORE: Not -- yeah, of course I was. But after the way I played the front 9 I'm to glad to finish up with 4-under. Looked like I could have shot 5-over at one point. It's good to finish 18 holes in 68 shots and go into tomorrow.

Q. You mentioned you pressed a bit too much on the front 9. Difficult not to do that when you come to a course like this and you know the birdies are there in abundance?
JASON GORE: Yeah. I hit in the hazard on 2 and ended up making par and then I hit it four feet for eagle on 3 and missed it.
So, you know, you end up taking one away on 2 and giving one back on 3. You know, you're kind of either hitting your head into a wall our peeing into a fan, I can't figure it out. It's definitely out there.
The forecast for wind has not come to fruition, and it's out there. They made the greens a little bit softer over here I think because they were scared of the wind. If it did get real windy you wouldn't be able to keep a ball on the green.
You just keep playing. We're halfway through. Got 36 left. We'll see what happens.

Q. You joked yesterday about your caddie doing most of the work, and today being on the course that wasn't as familiar, did that make a difference?
JASON GORE: No. He knows this place, too. But we both -- I had about six, seven feet on the last hole for birdie and we both misread it terribly. I looked at him and said, You're good for nothing. He's allowed one misread for 36 holes.
No, he knows this place very well, too. He lived out here and was a pro here for a couple months. Not as well as Canyons, but we're learning a little bit every day.

Q. When you reflect back at U.S. Open at Pinehurst when you were in the headlines dominating the news pretty much every day, how do you evaluate how your career has unfolded since then, and has it taken the path you would have wanted?
JASON GORE: You had to bring that up, didn't you? I think there's been ups and downs. You know, I had a pretty good summer after that and winning three times on the Nationwide Tour and winning out here. It's golf. It's never as good as you think it should be.
But I'm sure Tiger's thinking, If I had just made that one putt I would be here. We're never happy. We're golfers. I'm still trying to learn a little bit. That was a very fast learning experience that I went through, and I made some mistakes along the way.
I'm learning from them, and hopefully with each day I get a little better. That's really what I'm trying to do. Just trying to learn something new every day and try to make tomorrow a little bit better than today was.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Let's touch on the four birdies on the backside starting on No. 12.
JASON GORE: I hit 3-wood down the middle to the fairway.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: That was when you raised your arms?
JASON GORE: Yeah, that was when I threw them up in victory. Pitching wedge from 125 to about 12 feet behind the hole and made it. Hit driver into the fairway bunker on the Par 5. Laid up short of the green and hit an awful pitch shot and made about a 15-footer for birdie there.
Hit it about 35 feet for eagle on the Par 4 and knocked it in the middle of green. Hit driver, 7-iron into 16 for a 2-putt birdie.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: And as far as comparing the two courses, obviously you shot a 63 yesterday and 68 today. But as far as difficulties, how would you compare the two?
JASON GORE: I don't know. This place played a lot harder to me, I think. You know, they're both tricky. You just have to be aware of what's going on around you. Sometimes there's no rough out here but since the greens are pretty firm you can hit a shot and that'll -- you might just get a little bit of a flier.
And it's not easy to chip around these greens because there's not much grass around them. It's so tightly mown that it's difficult to hit some chips. You can either bump and run, you can flop it and you can putt it. There are so many options to do.
Canyons it's easy because it's overseeded and lush and you can chip off everything around there. Around here's playing very hard and fast, and I think if we do get some wind and they dry this place out now that no more amateurs, they could make this place very difficult.

Q. You're known for being a very easygoing guy. Do you enjoy the first two rounds playing with the amateurs?
JASON GORE: I do. I've never been paired with a jerk. You know, I think that would really, really put a bad taste in my or everybody's mouth. We had two great guys, Jeff and I played with, and we had a wonderful time.
They're wonderful guys and they understood that we were working and -- because they were out of a hole they just picked up. That's what makes it great. I enjoy playing in these a lot, yes.

Q. Does the slower pace of play ever worry you, or do you get in the mindset that, Hey, we're playing with amateurs today and we'll just take what comes?
JASON GORE: Yeah. You kind of expect it. But we were two and a half holes behind Daly's group, and of course he's shooting nothing. Amateurs don't have to finish up very many holes when he keeps making so many birdies, but they were fine.
We played probably just about four and a half hours, which is pretty good, maybe a little bit more than that. We didn't really notice it. They were great guys to be around.

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