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October 11, 2007

Jason Gore


JOAN ALEXANDER: Jason, thanks for joining us. We appreciate you making the trip over here from The Canyons. You're our first Canyons candidate inside the media center. Looking at your scorecard here. It was an interesting round but a good round. A little 8-under, 63, with ten birdies. Talk about the day over there and maybe the course a little bit and we'll go into questions.
JASON GORE: Golf course was playing great. I have the former pro over TPC Canyons, Mike Messner caddying for me this week. I'd just basically stood over to the side of the green and scratch my head and wait for him to tell me where to hit it. It was quite low stress.
He'd say, Hit it over here and I'd do my best to do what he said. And I think I was 7-under going into 6, which is the par -- 7, going into 7. He said, Hit it just right of the pin and I pulled it. He said, You never do anything right, do you?
It was just kind of one of those days. It was very comfortable to stand up over a putt and know exactly what it was going to do, and I was lucky enough to hit it there.
JOAN ALEXANDER: Questions, please?

Q. You're even after three holes facing double. How do you regroup mentally when you know that you can't afford to make bogey, much less double, and you get yourself back on track? Was that Mike or was that all you?
JASON GORE: I actually hit a pretty good shot into 12. I hit 9-iron. It was playing 150 and I tried to hit it nice and easy and strike it and buried it in the back bunker and 3-putted.
So making double I hit a good shot. I hit it right where I was looking. I hit it really good and I knew that I was just making some pretty good swings there, and it happens. So you just try to right the ship, and probably making about a 10-footer on the next hole helped to let the steam out of the ears for a little bit.
But, you know, at the golf course there's plenty of opportunities. You just got to keep your head on straight and keep moving forward.

Q. (No microphone.)
JASON GORE: No, no. You know, it was the third hole of the tournament and I was still even par. You know, it happens. I could have started off par, par, par and been in the same position. It would have all been the same.

Q. There were a ton of low scores here today. Does that give a big boost going into tomorrow knowing that you get to play this course, even on a windy day where supposedly the wind is worse over there.
JASON GORE: I didn't think the wind was blowing very hard.

Q. Tomorrow.
JASON GORE: Tomorrow? Going in at 7:20 will help, but you just try to do one at a time. I know it's a boring cliche, but there's a lot of truth to it. Get out early and try to make some good swings and hopefully Mike will lead me in the right direction on the putting green and then we'll go from there.
JOAN ALEXANDER: How do you know Mike?
JASON GORE: He was the head pro at TPC at Valencia now. So he's the head pro at the golf course I practice out of, and was at Canyons for five years and here for a couple months.
He said, Heck I'll caddie for you, and there you have it. It was tough breaking the news to Lewis. He's probably back home in Virginia cussing me out right now.

Q. Everybody who's been up here today talked trying to have fun. I know there's so much pressure on some guys trying to keep their card and some guys are trying to get to a certain plateau. You're talking about having fun, just enjoying yourself. Talk about the mindset that comes with that kind of feeling.
JASON GORE: We're in Vegas, you know. You can't have fun here then, you know, this is the place. But it's one of those tournaments. You go out and you aim at a lot of flags. The greens are perfect. The fairways are perfect. The golf course there is no rough. This is fun to us. For crying out loud we had carts for practice rounds. That's beautiful.
Makes us want to play practice rounds. So, you know, we know it's going to be a shootout and we'll just go from there. You make a blunder, everybody is going to here and there. Just try and keep it to a minimum and go out and have a good time. This is not a high-stress week for me.

Q. (No microphone.)
JASON GORE: Not if I'm getting to go home. We're staying at a house. I rented a house this week. We're staying with Mike Messner and his wife and little girl just having a good time. We made dinner last night. I got here on Saturday, so I got Vegas out of my system a little early.

Q. What did you do?
JASON GORE: Things that are illegal in about 48 states. No, we stayed at the MGM Grand. We just got hooked up down there and we just had a big blast.

Q. (No microphone.)
JASON GORE: Couldn't see too well on Sunday. We had a good time Saturday.

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