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October 11, 2007

Grady Sizemore


Q. You've been a big part of what the Indians have tried to do the last three or four years. What does it mean to you to finally see it come to fruition during these playoffs?
GRADY SIZEMORE: I think it's exciting. I think there's a lot of guys in the clubhouse that are excited to be here to get going. We've all worked together for the last few years, and our core group of guys is a good group to be a part of.

Q. Do you think the lack of experience you guys had in the postseason prior to this year, the experience you got in New York in that series will help you in this one?
GRADY SIZEMORE: I hope so. I think it's not -- you can't really say going in we didn't have any experience. We didn't know what to expect, but it's still the same game. I think we knew it was going to be a tough series, it's a tough team to match up against, but I thought we fought well. We played well and we didn't get rattled, stuck with our game plan and we came out on top.
Hopefully we can take that momentum into this next series.

Q. C.C. just said that he was overhyped for the first game of the last series. Did you feel the nerves, too, and how do you combat that?
GRADY SIZEMORE: I was definitely anxious. I think it's such a long wait for that first game, you didn't play for three or four days, you're kind of just wanting to get out there on the field. I think a lot of us that first inning it was probably a little nerve wracking. But I just wanted to get going in the game and get the feel back.

Q. How about for this series?
GRADY SIZEMORE: Hopefully we'll be a little more relaxed. Like I said, the first series is probably the toughest for some guys who haven't been there, but I know for me what it was like. I think I'm definitely more relaxed going into this series.

Q. Josh Beckett when he was talking about the Indians' lineup said when it comes to stopping people, it all starts at the top with you. Is that kind of how you see your role, as the guy who needs to get this offense going?
GRADY SIZEMORE: Well, being at the top of the lineup, that's kind of where I want to be. I want to be the table-setter and try to get on and create for the rest of the guys behind me.

Q. You already faced Matsuzaka twice and had a multi-hit game twice and stole a couple bases. Can you give me your impression? He already mentioned your name, that you are the key person to stop.
GRADY SIZEMORE: I thought he threw well, especially at our place. He came in and threw a very good game. He's tough because he's very poised on the mound and he's got a lot of confidence. He doesn't get to get rattled even when he's got guys on and gets in trouble.
He throws strikes and creates a tough match-up for us.

Q. Besides you both having 96 wins this year, in what other ways are these teams evenly matched?
GRADY SIZEMORE: I think, you know, obviously both teams, it's going to be a tough match-up. They match up well in pitching staff, bullpen. They have a great bullpen; we have a great bullpen. Both teams play the right way. Both teams execute every game when they go out there.
I think for us to win we have to be strong offensively, defensively, on the bases. We have to make smart plays and we have to focus on nine innings, and they do that very well. They don't make many mistakes, so I think it's going to come down to who makes the mistakes and who's able to execute when they get the opportunity.

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