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October 10, 2007

Chad Campbell


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Chad, thanks for joining us. You return to Las Vegas where you played in college, and on a good note where you won a couple weeks ago at the Viking Classic. I'm sure was it great to get into the winner's circle again. Maybe some comments about your win in Mississippi.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. It's kind of been a little bit of a long year for me. Kind of been a little bit of struggle. I think I had one top 10 leading up until Jackson.
You know, I've been working hard on my game and really felt like things were turning around, really just wasn't seeing the results in the tournaments. It was nice in Jackson to put four rounds together and really see at little payoff for all that hard work.

Q. You played collegiately here and you're living in Texas now. Maybe just talk about coming back to Las Vegas and what your typical week is like. I'm sure a lot people and places you like to see.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. A lot friends that till live here, and Coach Knight and the team. Haven't got see them yet. They're at a tournament. I'm looking forward to seeing him.
It's just great coming back. I loved going to school out here. I love the city. Always have a good time out here and always look forward to coming back.

Q. Do you think it's any easier coming in with a little bit of momentum? This tournament seems to bring out the best in guys that no one has ever heard of, at least recently.

Q. And they didn't necessarily play well coming in when they won. Talk about that dynamic that comes with trying to win here, and do you think with what you did in Mississippi gives you a little leg up?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. I love -- you never want to come into a tournament not playing very well, so it's nice to have, you know, a win a couple weeks ago. Really feel like I played pretty good last week.
Didn't play the best the final round, but, you know, kind of kept it going from Jackson, so it's nice. And then coming into here I think this is going to be my last tournament for the year, so I definitely want to end on good note.
I feel like I'm playing well and I have a good shot at winning. I'm looking forward to the week and see what happens.

Q. Some good numbers get put up here. What's the key to be consistent from the first hole to that 72nd hole?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You're right, it's tough. You know got to make a lot of birdies soon as you tee it up on Thursday. You know, I think one of the keys to, you know, playing well here is you got to take advantage of Par 5s.
I mean, that's kind of an obvious statement. You want to do that every week. But you can get to the majority of them on both courses and, you know, that kind of can jump start your round. Just getting like an easy birdie on a Par 5 and knock it on in two and 2-putt, or maybe sneak in an eagle.
I think being able to birdie those holes and throw in a couple more here and there you got a good round. But you start making pars and stuff on the Par 5s you really got to work harder to get 5- or 6-under. I'm not sure what won here last year. I would assume it was 20 --

Q. It was 22.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I was thinking that, 22 or 23, somewhere in there. So you need to be shooting 6-under a round or so.

Q. It's pretty unusual isn't it, given the other courses you played? It's kind of low numbers.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not too many tournaments. You know, usually the weather is perfect out here, and the courses are in great shape and the greens are rolling nice. So that kind of yields the low numbers.
There's not a whole lot of rough out there. There's a little bit in places. You know, The Canyons has an overseed so it has a little bit more rough than here at Summerlin.

Q. Was there a key to your winning? You said that you weren't playing well. Was there a place where you said, Hey, I got things going now?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Honestly the last month or two going into tournaments I felt like I had a chance of winning. You know, I would like to say I felt that way all year, but I didn't. A lot of times in the middle part of the year I didn't feel like I could. I was more or less trying to make cuts.
Oncve I started working on my game and felt things were going in the right direction I felt like starting probably Greensboro or even PGA I actually felt like I could win golf tournaments again. It's a good feeling to have.
You definitely don't want to enter a tournament knowing that it's kind of a long-shot to have a chance to win.

Q. There's a lot of UNLV talent in the field. Can you handicap yourself and Riley and everybody else?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't know. I wish everybody the best. My good friend Bill Lundy is playing this year, and he's had a great year this year out on the Harmon Tour. He was always a good player.
He took a year off last year to gather himself, I guess. I don't know what he was doing. Well, I mean, I knew what he was doing, but it's good to see him playing well. He's got a lot of talent, as well as Charley and Riley and Andres. I think that's to.

Q. I think you're right.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Skip Kendall might be playing. Is he playing?

Q. Probably still trying to hang on the Nationwide.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Okay. You know, that's all reflects on Coach Knight. The worth ethic and the things that he taught us going to school there. I see people every week working on the same putting drills or some of the things that we did in college.
It all comes from the great coach and, you know, I know everybody likes to -- a lot of the guys live here, but me in particular I like to go back and see coach and work with him from time to time.

Q. (No microphone.)
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think it would be great. You always get a lot of support out here. I think this week they even announced me from Las Vegas so get the home crowned crowd behind me.

Q. (No microphone.)
CHAD CAMPBELL: A lot of times they just do it anyway. I think it would be great for an UNLV graduate to win. I know coach would enjoy that and I know the town would enjoy it.

Q. A lot of people don't think of Las Vegas as being elevated, but plus the thin air and a little elevation, speak to playing golf at elevation compared to sea level.
CHAD CAMPBELL: It is. It's a big difference. I don't know what the elevation is. I'd guess 2,500, 3,000 something like that. When it gets hot the ball goes forever out here. It's kind of weird. You play in the morning and the air is still a little heavy. You know, like 10:00 comes and the ball just starts going like an extra ten yards with your iron. It's kind of tricky.
It's fun to play, you know. It's definitely a lot different than at sea level where the ball goes nowhere.

Q. Is there anything different about the course this year?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No. Seems the same as in the past few years.

Q. You said they overseeded at The Canyons.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, they overseed every year.

Q. So no surprise?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No surprises.

Q. Are there things outside of golf in the off-season maybe family related?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, I really don't do too much. Just enjoy being at home and catching up with friends and family. During the summer I enjoy going to the lake, enjoy hanging out at the lake. Not doing too much.
The time we get at home you like to kind of spend to around the house or not doing much of anything. So it's -- don't really do that much exciting. Just kind of hang out.

Q. Are you starting out in Hawaii?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yes, I am. That's definitely where you want to start out every year is in Maui. I play the next week as well, so it makes it a lot better going that long trip to play two tournaments instead of one.

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