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October 8, 2007

Eric Wedge


Q. You stuck with your guns, and evidently you know your personnel better than anyone. The way things worked out with Byrd, getting five innings out of him. You went to your bullpen again, could you just explain the whole thought process and everything.
ERIC WEDGE: Well, we talked about this last night and again earlier today. It was Paul Byrd all the way for us. I mean, he was our Game 4 starter. And deservingly so; he won 15 games.
I thought what he did today is he controlled the baseball game. He was aggressive, he worked ahead. He made pitches when he had to. You know, defensively we made a few big plays. The big double-play was something that helped us out. But I just like the way he composed himself. I liked his rhythm and tempo, and as you mentioned, the bullpen did a great job. It was great to see Borowski finish it off. Grady hitting the leadoff homer. You know, Victor with the two-out RBI with the bases loaded, separated a little bit, so it was a good baseball game.

Q. Joe says you're going to give the Red Sox some problems. What do you think of the problems you're going to give the Red Sox?
ERIC WEDGE: Well, I haven't really even thought about it. Everybody knows me knows I really don't work too much past today or the particular series we're in. We've got some time to prepare. The Red Sox have had a great season. I feel like we've had a great season. You're going to have two very good teams competing in the ALCS.
I'm just very proud of our guys and happy for them. I love seeing them, you know, with where they're at right now. I'm just happy they have the opportunity to go to the ALCS and compete and try to take this to the next level.

Q. In particular, you and the Red Sox you finished basically with the same record, And you're the top two records in baseball, so basically you're the best teams in baseball coming against each other. Very rarely do you get that kind of match-up.

Q. What gives you the most trouble and what are the positives? During the regular season, what were the things that made it what it was for you?
ERIC WEDGE: Well, I think the greatest strength of our ballclub is just the consistency we have in the different areas of our ballclub. You know, we can't fall off big time in one area or another area. We've got to be consistent. There are going to be peaks and valleys. Everybody has to do their part. I'll say time and time again, you know, every individual that comes to the ballpark, they have to find a way to help us win today. And they're a part of a certain area of our club, and you have the collective 25.
These guys understand what it means to be a great teammate and respect the game, and I think they play like that.

Q. From the other side, what is their toughest quality that you match up against?
ERIC WEDGE: Boston, you mean?

Q. Yeah.
ERIC WEDGE: I don't know. I've got to do some more work there. We'll have to wait to see how that plays out. But we'll have a few days here to work all that through.

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