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October 7, 2007

Phil Hughes


Q. How difficult of a spot was that to come in considering the situation, you're down 2-0 in the series, 2-0 in the game? And why do you think you were successful today? What did you do?
PHIL HUGHES: It was tough. I got up once in the second inning, and then I went back down, and then I was in the game. So I had to finish my warm-ups out on the field. But I was told beforehand just be ready for anything that may happen, and just try to stay focused out there and keep the damage to a minimum.

Q. Are the players aware at all of what George Steinbrenner said that one more loss and Joe Torre could be out of a job?
PHIL HUGHES: I hadn't heard it, so I don't know if anybody else had.

Q. You were really tough down the stretch, I don't think you lost in September. You obviously continued it tonight, what exactly were you doing tonight? And do you feel stronger than you would have expected to maybe because of that layoff in the middle of the season?
PHIL HUGHES: Yeah, I think that obviously I didn't want to be injured this year. But my innings are under 100 still, so arm strength-wise I feel fine. And coming back off, I think, two or three days' rest from Game 1, that was the first time I've ever done that.
I'm not surprised, but happy with the way my body has responded to coming out of the bullpen.

Q. There was a time in this organization when the top prospects would have been traded before they got to a situation like this. Did you think that that might have happened to you? And did you envision that some day you'd have this chance?
PHIL HUGHES: Yeah, I mean, you're right. When I first came into this organization, it was kind of the thought. But it never really crossed my mind that I'd be with another organization. My goal was to get up here and help out. Here we are three years later.

Q. Coming in, what mental capacity as far as coming in in relief? And you've been a starter, how much pressure was it on you, if any?
PHIL HUGHES: You know, a little less pressure, I guess. I kind of came in and my job was really just to keep, like I said earlier, the damage to a minimum and try to keep us where we were at. And hopefully we'd score a few runs, and we definitely did that tonight.

Q. Any idea when your body will be ready to go again?
PHIL HUGHES: It's not really up to me. Like I said, it's the first time I've done this, you know, thrown 30-something pitches one night, and 60-something tonight. But I don't see there being any issues coming back in a couple days.

Q. Were you aware with the condition with Roger coming into the game, you may well be called upon early on? And also, what was it like coming in for your first appearance here in the playoffs at Yankee Stadium?
PHIL HUGHES: Well, the first question, they told me beforehand just to be ready, because you never know what's going to happen. He hadn't pitched in a while. Obviously I needed -- I was needed tonight, so I just try to stay mentally prepared for that.
Tonight was unbelievable. Just the crowd behind me, and the way they were in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings. You know, it was something I've never experienced before, and it was hopefully something I'll get to experience for a lot of years.

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