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October 7, 2007

Paul Lawrie


Q. Fairly happy with that?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, reasonably. Played lovely today and had an awful lot of putts that just shaved the side of the holes unfortunately. But had a pusher off 13 in the bunker, could only chip it down and made a proper five really there.
And then 17, I hit a nice second shot that came up short and 3-putted. So all in all, played really good and didn't get what I deserved today but fourth for the week is pretty good.

Q. Do you feel you're close to winning again?
PAUL LAWRIE: I am. I am swinging it great and I've hit an awful lot of good shots this week, and I have spells with the putter like yesterday where, you know, you get what you deserve. I played lovely yesterday and knocked a few in and I didn't do it today but I think we're getting a hell of a lot closer.

Q. Will you play now as much as you can?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, we've got four left or something, three or four left, so I'll probably play all of those and see what happens. From then I'll probably stop. If I get in Volvo Masters, that will be me until Abu Dhabi, Dubai, that kind of time. Normally I have a couple of months.

Q. Even getting in the Volvo Masters is a good effort.
PAUL LAWRIE: I'm not in yet but we'll be close enough the next couple of weeks to make it a bit easier.
Playing next week, then Portugal and Mallorca.
I had a ninth at Mercedes-Benz which I played quite well there. So fourth is the best for quite a while so we're on the right road.
I'm hitting the ball good for a few months to be fair and this week I've had a couple of days with the putter where I've knocked a few in.

Q. And the Carnoustie greens?
PAUL LAWRIE: Carnoustie greens, you can't say too much about them, they are just brilliant. You hit it online and it goes in. And it's October and the greens are beautiful, so, every credit.

Q. McIlroy, second professional event, looks like he's got his card.
PAUL LAWRIE: I played with him in The Belfry the first two rounds, and again, you can't say enough about the young guy. He's just a lovely young man and he's going to be a hell of a player. I spoke to his parents on Friday night and they are obviously doing a good job with him. He's a lovely boy as well as a great player.

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