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October 6, 2007

Charlie Manuel


Q. The Rockies have been getting a lot of props for their build-from-within system and the core of young players that they now have. Now having seen these guys in this kind of a situation what would you say about that system and do you think it's something that other clubs will be looking at?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think it speaks for itself. If you look at their team they've got some real good players and their streak at the end right now is probably one of the best streaks I've ever seen a team have, at the end of the season, especially. I think it goes to show you what you can do, especially if you have depth in your system and you have a plan and you stick to it and it works. I think it definitely sets a good example for other clubs.

Q. Did you think about going to Brett Myers against Jeff Baker?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I thought about it but at the same time I don't know if you noticed, when they got three hits there in a row, when Atkins hit to left field we had two outs and Romero is more than a set-up guy and if you look he's getting righties out at about a .125 clip and Baker is hitting .205 against lefties and righties, and if we had slowed the game down, we could have gotten him in but I liked Romero there and he hit the ball -- hit the ball on the end of the bat and found the hole and he didn't what I would call "kill" the ball but it was good enough to get a big run in.

Q. What happened to your offense in this series or was it the Rockies' pitching staff?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think it was a little of both. This is the first taste we've gotten of, you know, like playoff baseball, and of course we won our league and advanced into this round and we were a little bit tight. If you noticed, especially tonight's start of the game we were chasing balls bad out of the strike zone and we were getting overanxious and that's the sign of a team that's -- I wouldn't call it pressing I would say we were anxious, like we wanted it too bad or trying to hard but then I give the Rockies credit for their pitching. When you see the young pitchers that they've got and the stuff that they have I think they're going to get better and you've got to give the guy credit tonight he pitched a real good ballgame.
Their bullpen also in the series was absolutely fantastic. They shut down our left-handed hitters. We have a -- not a good offense; we have probably one of the better offenses in baseball and they shut us down and I think it was a little bit of both but I would say the pitching gets the credit for it.

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