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October 6, 2007

Stephen Drew

Livan Hernandez

Chris Young


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Livan Hernandez, Chris Young, and Stephen Drew. Please let me know to whom your question is directed.

Q. Livo, could you just talk about getting through some of those jams you were in and the patience that Bob Melvin had to stick with you in those situations? He just told us that you're a guy that he has to have patience with. It's difficult in the postseason to have patience.
LIVAN HERNANDEZ: I've been in this situation before. I see the fans, you get up 3-1, something, you know, bother me. So I'm looking for something, you know so ground ball from home plate. Sometimes you looking for something in the situation.
I got a 3-1 situation. I say I got to throw fastball in the middle, but I don't want to throw four seamer.
Let me see I get a ground ball. And it happened. I throw the same fastball I throw the at-bat before and he hit a ground ball. There's a lot of situations in the game today. I know what I got to think and what I got to do. You know, I'm not the kind of guy I get nervous.
It's better when you think of something in the situation. It's happens.

Q. For Livan, going into the game last couple of days the press here in Chicago have been talking about how you're mediocre, you're old. What is it like being underestimated coming in and pitching so well?
LIVAN HERNANDEZ: Like my family told me a lot of times, pressure is nothing. I got more pressure when I live in Cuba and I get up in the morning looking for something. It's a lot of pressure when you don't find nothing.
I coming to the stadium and it's a situation with a lot of support from my family and a lot of support from the people behind you, the people got a lot of love for you.
On the ride to the stadium, when you see a lot of people told you, I got your back. You the man. You come into the stadium and try do something special because you got a lot of people watching on TV and my family, my daughter told me, You the man.
It's something great and you feel great and come to the stadium and try to do the best for your team, the best for -- my people is my team. It's another family you have here, young guys. Everybody know I love these guys.

Q. To both Chris and Stephen, what are your feelings not only winning this series, but attaining another goal now with the chance to possibly have two more celebrations?
CHRIS YOUNG: You try not to think about it. Take it one series at a time, one game at a time. Obviously we came through and swept the Cubs, but that's not your plan.
You don't come and plan on sweeping any team. You win the series any way you can and try to find a way and deal with the celebrations afterwards.
We're going out there and having a good time, staying loose, everybody keeping their composure, as Livo did tonight. Stephen and Augie turning those double plays for us was huge. Got us out of some big situations.
So try to keep on and continue doing what we've been doing and see where it takes us.
STEPHEN DREW: I think the same thing. I think we talked about it in the beginning of the year. With this team, everybody call us young, bu I think it's the most exciting team I've ever been on.
And the way Livo pitched tonight, you know, like I said, he's been in this situation before. I think it keeps everybody else loose and, you know, everybody just tries to do their job and pick each other up. If somebody can't do it, let the next guy do it. That's how it's been all year, and at the end of the day we just shake hands and try to win the series.

Q. This is for Stephen. As far as your performance this series, your manager was in here talking about how the difficult regular season may have helped set you up for this. What is it that you think really clicked for you to have the performance you've had in this series?
STEPHEN DREW: Just the Lord has been blessing me. It's just one of those things that now the balls start falling, whereas in the beginning of the year and the middle I was getting mad at balls. The way they fall now it's exciting. It helps the team. I mean, they picked me up all year when things weren't going that well for me. To do it in a series and help this team win, it's huge.

Q. This is a follow-up for Stephen. You'll probably be remembered for your home runs in the series more than anything else, but you also got two really clutch hits against a tough lefty Rich Hill today. You played good defense throughout the series. How much pride do you take in your approach against lefties?
STEPHEN DREW: I take more pride in defense than offense. With the pitchers we have now I try to stay more focused on the infield. My main priority is play good defense and then the offense will come. With the way the pitching has been going it's unreal.
I could set myself up to get the groundball or make the double play. Sometimes when things aren't going our way it's hard to set up on defense. The pitching, the way they've been going, it's very easy for me to get set up and also for Augie.

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