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October 6, 2007

Chad Campbell


NELSON SILVERIO: Chad Campbell, thanks for spending a couple minutes with us here.
65 today. Why don't you just talk about that and how maybe the conditions have changed. It looked a little windy out there.
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was a little bit windier out there today. Still hot as always, and, you know, just played pretty solid today. I think I hit --
Q. All 18.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. Had the ball in the fairway a lot and was able to hit all the greens. Had a lot of opportunities for birdies.
Some of those weren't very makeable putts but, you know, for the most part, hit the ball really well and, you know, missed a few putts but I made my share, too. Yeah.

Q. Playing from behind on this course, you know, the way the scores are usually, is it an uphill battle literally to do it tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's pretty tough. There's a lot of birdies to be made out there and it's probably easier to catch somebody from -- when the wind is blowing, make some of those holes a little bit tighter and tougher tee shots but, you know, just got to go out there tomorrow and shoot a really low score.
I don't know what Jesper is at right now.

Q. 17.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Wouldn't be surprised if he gets 18 or 19.
Going to need a low one tomorrow. Probably very, very low 60s.

Q. What would it mean to even have the chance to go back-to-back after just the way the rest of the season has been?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Right. You know, I'm just happy to be playing halfway decent now. Obviously last week was great and definitely helped my confidence.
Just to be able to come here and put up some good scores and keep the momentum going a little bit, I'm happy about that, you know.
Even regardless of what happens tomorrow, obviously going to go out there and try to shoot in the low 60s but, you know, chance of that happening might not be too good. I'll give it my best. Happy to be playing good.

Q. You touched on this earlier in the week but something clicked, you seem to be zoned in a little bit?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Little bit. I'm driving it in the fairway. I have a little bit more confidence in the driver. Put a new driver in last week. Had a lot of confidence with it and when you get the ball in the fairway it makes things a lot easier.
The rough is not too bad out here but you can't control your ball out of it so once the ball hits on the green, you know, it's going all over the place.
Sometimes it doesn't even come out at all. When you get the ball in the fairway you can attack the golf course.

Q. You put a new driver in your bag last week? Jesper has got a new putter. Is it that time of year that everybody is tweaking or messing with their game? What's up with that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Some people like to change a lot. Generally I don't like to change very much but putters, I'm not scared to change a putter every once in a while and I've been changing drivers a lot this year so I really don't like changing drivers and irons.
I don't mind changing putters. Some guys change their whole set and I think it's just different for everybody.
Looking for something. If you see a putter, looks a little better, gives you a little confidence, you got to go with that.

Q. What driver do you have in your bag now?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Nike Sasquatch.

Q. What were you playing?
CHAD CAMPBELL: The Tour head is what I was playing and then I put in a different shaft as well, USD shaft.
NELSON SILVERIO: All set? Thanks, Chad. Good luck tomorrow.

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