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October 6, 2007

Micah Owings


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Micah.

Q. Micah, if there is a game four tomorrow, it would obviously be the biggest game you've pitched. How do you handle your nerves, the crowd, and what it might be like tomorrow?
MICAH OWINGS: I just got to go out and do the best I can. If the game takes place -- and our guys are getting ready for the game tonight.
We're going to do our best tonight to see what we can do. Other than that, I've got to be prepared to put my team in a position to win the game.

Q. If you were in their position, down 0-2, if you go into that thinking you've got nothing to lose, is that a tougher opponent to face, a team that may be thinking that they have nothing to lose?
MICAH OWINGS: I don't think you go into a game thinking 0-2, 2-0, you just got to go out and play the game. We're going to go out and play like it's today and not really concentrate on being up or down in the series.

Q. Micah, are you pinch-hitting tonight and how do you stay ready to keep pinch-hitting?
MICAH OWINGS: I'll have my spikes on, so hopefully I'm always ready whenever Bo-Mel gives me the opportunity I'll jump at it and put this team in a position to win. If that's getting to pinch-hit, then that's what we need to do.

Q. Do you have a theory as to why you've been more effective at Chase Field this year, or is that one of the stats that we shouldn't look that much into?
MICAH OWINGS: That's a good question. I didn't know. I didn't know for sure that I was. So, again, it's the same game. No matter where you're playing you got to go out and do the best you can. I don't look into those type of things too much.

Q. Micah, how impressed have you been watching your teammates, the way they've hit Cubs pitchers? I think they were been a little disrespected coming in as far as average and everything.
MICAH OWINGS: There's no doubt there's been lots of talk about average and how our teams got to this point and been in this position. But Cubs pitchers, you have to give them a lot of credit. They've a great staff. What they've done in the past two games it has been exciting for us. The fans back home, they had a great support there.
Like I said, today is a new day. Those games are over. It's time to get after it today.

Q. Do you take more BP than regular pitchers? Is it tough with your routine to stay sharp for pitching? Is it tough to find time to keep your batting eye as well?
MICAH OWINGS: Main thing is I'm here to pitch. I take care of that stuff first. If there's a little time, if my body still feels good, then I might get a few extra swings.
For the most part I take BP with the pitchers and take a few extra swings here and there.

Q. Micah, it wasn't in front of a huge crowd by any stretch, but your start against Pittsburgh certainly there was a lot on the line for you and your club. Do you look back at that day as something you need to draw upon if you do indeed pitch tomorrow?
MICAH OWINGS: I didn't even know I was throwing that game until two hours before the game that day. I was supposed to throw the first one in Colorado, but with weather they switched things up. I felt good that day. It's one of those things, I went out and a lot of the routine and stuff you kind of got to throw out and trust and go out and do the best.
So I think that's why it might have been good for me. Just rely on my stuff and my teammates behind me and go out and do the best I can, and if we play tomorrow that's my goal.

Q. Pitchers usually walk in here and look up at the flag since they're going to be pitching. Do you think you'll do that tomorrow, and will it affect you?
MICAH OWINGS: I don't think it will affect me either way. I have a game plan, and I'll stick to it. Go from there. I don't think I can necessarily let the surroundings or flags and feedback from them dictate how I'm going to approach the game.

Q. Micah, if you had to make out the lineup, would you bat yourself higher than 9th?
MICAH OWINGS: Not at all. I got a tremendous amount of respect for the guys in our clubhouse. They've done a great job this year. As far as when I get the opportunity when I'm starting or pinch-hitting, I get in the box, I've been blessed to be able to swing it. Whenever I get in there I'm just going to enjoy it and do the best I can.
But Bo-Mel knows what he's doing. I have a lot of respect for him as well. With his leadership it talks volumes about our club and where we're at here.

Q. What's your take on the Cubs lineup? They haven't been hitting so far this series, but when they're at home they're probably going to be a little more comfortable. What's your take with that, especially with Soriano up top?
MICAH OWINGS: I talked about the rotation and how solid the rotation is and how hard our guys have worked in the first two games and earlier in the season, but their lineup is the same thing. Our pitcher has got to be prepared. They got a great lineup from one to nine.
You can't take anybody lightly, so you just got to do the best you can for each guy and it might be a little bit more comfortable, but it's still the same game and we got to pitch the best we can to our ability.

Q. Do you feel that all of your big game experience experience both in college and the Minor Leagues gives you an edge over the average rookie in a big game like this?
MICAH OWINGS: You'd think so, but you never know. I mean, like I said, I take it as the same game. You get between the lines and you have to do your job no matter what the surroundings. But I guess time will tell.

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