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October 6, 2007

Ryan Theriot


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Ryan.

Q. Ryan, a lots been said about the team not being able to do the little things to score runs. Is there anything at this point in time that you or the other players can do to change that around to try to manufacture runs?
RYAN THERIOT: Well, you know, I guess when you get guys to base obviously you like to move them over and move them into positions second or third. You know it's tough to score a bunch when you're not on base.
I think offensively we just need to do a better job swinging the bat, and once we get more guys on base we'll end up scoring more runs.

Q. Ryan, the fact that you guys battled all season to overtake Milwaukee, how does that help you in this series now that you have to battle back and overtake Arizona?
RYAN THERIOT: I think it benefits us. We were back against the wall there in the middle of the season for a while. We had to win games if we wanted to be in the postseason. Similar situation now.
I just think it kind of builds character. I think for us now we're in a spot where we need to show that character and win a few games. We can win three games in a row plenty of times this season, and I don't think anybody is really pushing the panic button. We're excited to go out here and play and take care of business.

Q. Lou said yesterday that he talked to you guys a couple days ago and told you to relax and have fun. Can you talk about that a little, and did it have any affect on you guys?
RYAN THERIOT: It's kind of been his advice all year. He sees the little things, guys maybe pressing a little bit, and he's exactly right. I think myself personally, sometimes you get caught up in it and try to do more than you're capable of, or more than your expected to rather, and it is good advice.
If everybody does what they need to do and kind of assumes their role, that's me included, I think we have a good shot. And I think it's only natural in the playoff scenario like this that guys try to do too much at some point.

Q. Since media is not allowed in the clubhouse before games during the playoffs, can you tell us a little bit about the mood going on in there and what it's like today?
RYAN THERIOT: It's probably exactly like you guys. It's pretty normal. Honestly, I don't see any change or any difference. Everybody is upbeat, excited to play the game. Guys are getting their work in just like they did throughout the season. To be honest, we haven't seen any change in the clubhouse atmosphere at all.

Q. A lot of people around the league wonder how the Diamondbacks won 90 games. Are you surprised how well rounded they are and in all facets on the game?
RYAN THERIOT: They play the game hard. They play it the right way. Chris Young has had a good year, you see Drew stepping up here as well.
A young, hungry team. It doesn't really surprise me that they were able to win in this scenario and in this format for the simple fact that right now it's more intensity, and these young players on the Diamondbacks ball club are playing hard; they're playing to win.
They've done it all year. We know what we're up against. We have a good team as well, and we have guys that want to win as well and guys that play hard also, so it's -- I think it's just, for me, on their team you got a lot of guys playing the game the right way, and in turn you win a lot of games.

Q. Ryan, the guys talk about when they're on the road they block out the crowd. Well, so just what does the crowd mean when you're home here? When you're on the road obviously you know the crowd is going to really be loud today.
RYAN THERIOT: Obviously it's an advantage especially to be here we have an extra player on our team we're at Wrigley. The fans are pulling for us, behind us 100 percent.
We're excited to be back here in this atmosphere. It's always an advantage to be home, especially when your home field is Wrigley field.

Q. THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Ryan.

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