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October 5, 2007

Steve Hand

Justin Rose


Q. Well played, I take it you enjoyed playing in the sunshine?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, very much so. Beautiful day. I said walking down 17 to the guys, "Just soak it up because it doesn't get any better than this."

Q. Are you trying to tell us it's not always like this in Scotland?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, I'm definitely telling you it's not always like this. Certainly been lucky so far this week. We're just having fun on the golf course and scoring well always helps.

Q. You're obviously both very much in contention, you as an individual and also in the team. Steve, how is your first Dunhill?
STEVE HAND: It's fantastic. I played some Pro-Ams back home and this really takes the cake. It's such a magnificent experience and you really can't words to it, it's so unbelievable.

Q. And chipped in with a couple eagles?
STEVE HAND: Got lucky a lot today. I must have a four-leave clover in my pocket today or something; I played so lucky. I was worried when it was going to stop.
We had a great time out there and we just kept the camaraderie going and just kept trying to stay in the motion and trying to just keep getting better and better.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.
STEVE HAND: I'm from the Tampa, Florida area and I own a national financial planning company back home, and I met Justin about two years ago at a Pro-Am. He was just a great guy and I was so nice to my son when we played and so after about two weeks, I ended up sponsoring him.
So I call him a couple of times a week when he's playing and motivate him, leave him great messages on his cell phone and some are pretty crazy, but anything to keep him smiling and keep him motivated. Got to watch him at the Masters this year and it was fantastic and just a wonderful time.

Q. Sounds like a great relationship and helps when you're playing great golf, as well.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, sure, he's been a lot of fun. The days that we do with him and his agents, USA Tax Advisor guys, they are such a great guy and for me it's not a chore one little bit. Sometimes sponsors, corporate days, they are something you don't like but with Steve they are a lot of fun.
Yeah, we have a great time together which is good, which is what makes this week even more special.

Q. And of course you've had a good year obviously, haven't won yet, I'm sure that's the target in the weeks remaining.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it would be nice. It would be nice. So you know how this game is, you've got to be patient.

Q. You're still right in contention after a good couple of days.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I putted terribly today unfortunately. I felt like I played well and hit a lot of shots close today.
I don't know if everybody is putting poorly at St. Andrews. Maybe the reason scoring is not as low possibly as it could be around here, especially with such benign conditions.
Yeah, I just didn't have any confidence in my putter today, which is a shame. I had an inkling this morning that I was not putting this well, but I got off to a good start and made a couple nice ones. Put my tail up a little bit, but through the middle of my round I missed quite a few chances.

Q. When you're out there and the weather is as good as it is on the Old Course, do you put pressure on yourself thinking, I'm going to have to shoot a low number here today because I think lots of others will?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yes and no. I think you know that, but it doesn't necessarily put you under any more pressure than you are really. You just stay in the moment and hey, we know how to deal with that. That's just part of golf. We face situations every week.
But, yeah, you know, today was a good scoring today and 3-under I would say is acceptable, but certainly not great.

Q. And what about rhythm and trying to stay in rhythm out there? Because obviously playing in this format it does take a hell of a lot longer.
JUSTIN ROSE: It does, yeah, but end of the day, I feel like we haven't been waiting that much. Obviously because it's four guys and amateurs and people taking a few more shots than you're used to, but we weren't left to have periods of waiting too much out there which is pretty easy to deal with.

Q. Do you enjoy the format?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I do. I think I've always played quite well in Pro-Am style format. Certainly I come into this week enjoying the element, enjoying this different -- just different element, that's for sure.

Q. And just finally, obviously you're right in the hunt for the Order of Merit race at the moment and Padraig is going well this week; how much of a goal is that for you and is it on your mind?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's not on my mind at all to be honest with you. I think obviously, it's become a goal of mine for sure but it's something that would just be a huge bonus for me. It's something that was not on my radar at the start of the year. So if it happens, great, and if it doesn't happen, oh, well, I didn't expect it to at the start of the year.
I guess that's a win/win situation really. Obviously you've got to expect Padraig to play well and certainly not surprised that he's doing nicely this week. I think whoever wins the Order of Merit from here is going to play some good golf the remains four, five weeks of the year.

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