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October 5, 2007

Karrie Webb


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Karrie, thanks for coming in and joining us today. You're the defending champion. You won the 2006 Longs Drugs Challenge and you shot back-to-back 69s and share the lead in the clubhouse. Talk about the past two days, how they've gone for you.
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, they've been pretty solid. Obviously the conditions have been quite tough. It's been quite cold, and yesterday was really windy. Today we had patches there where the wind really picked up.
You know, I'm very, very happy with two solid rounds. I've holed out well, I've made some good putts, which is really good to see.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Does coming in as the defending champion and playing this well, do you think that kind of gives you an extra edge or just an extra incentive tomorrow playing into the weekend round in what will be one of the lead groups for sure?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, well, I always enjoy being defending champion. You have the best memories from last year, and obviously those carried over to the first two rounds, so hopefully that'll continue to happen Saturday and Sunday.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Can we go over your scorecard, the birdies and bogeys, starting with the first birdie on hole 3.
KARRIE WEBB: I hit a poor tee shot there so I had to lay up a fair way back, and I hit a 7-iron to three feet.
5, I hit my 19-degree rescue just short of the green and chipped up to about three feet.
Bogey on 8. Missed the fairway left, and then I was in the front greenside bunker in two and didn't hit a very good bunker shot and two-putted from about 18 feet.
Birdie on 9. I hit my 22-degree rescue just short of the green and chipped to about six feet, made the putt.
Birdie on 11. I hit a 5-iron to about 15 feet and two-putted for birdie.
12, I hit a poor 7-iron in the left greenside bunker and hit it out to about 20 feet and two-putted.
And 15, I hit a sand wedge in there to about 12 feet, made the putt.

Q. Last year you had to withstand a pretty good charge. Did that help you for this year mentally coming into this tournament?
KARRIE WEBB: Not really. I think just the quality of golf that I played last year, you know, brings in a lot of good confidence for this week. I also had a good tune-up last week, had a good tournament. I had some good feelings coming in here.

Q. Can you talk about just how unique a hole No. 16 is and what it's like and how you've played it over the last couple years?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, well, obviously I think it plays 37 yards downhill or something. So you just forget about the actual number and go with what you think it's playing.
The toughest part is always judging the wind up there, and today it was either crossing or helping. It's really hard to pick a club, but once you do, you've just really got to trust that you've got the right club in your hand and then put a good swing on it.
I've played it fairly well, I think. I made two good pars the last two days. I missed the green yesterday and made a good up-and-down and made a great putt from the right side of the green today.

Q. I remember you said you were trying to find a VCR just to play your VHS tape of your win at the Kraft.
KARRIE WEBB: No, that was the U.S. Open.

Q. Do you watch videotape from all your past victories? Have you watched anything from this year -- from last year from this tournament?
KARRIE WEBB: No, I haven't. I watched Pine Needles in 2001 was the reason why I went back to watch that, for this U.S. Open. Obviously didn't help me out as well as it did when I played it there last time.
But no, I haven't looked at tape from here. I had a pretty good memory of how the course played.

Q. How important is it -- can you have a good year without a win, a player of your caliber, a Hall of Famer, in your mind?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, I think so. If you have a number of good finishes, for sure you can have a good year. I think I haven't had as many good finishes as I would like. So obviously a few good finishes to finish the year or a win or two would certainly make my year look a lot better.

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