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October 5, 2007

Nick Dougherty


Q. Great round?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I played solid today - there were about four or five putts that I would have put my last dollar on to go in, but I am happy with that today. 66 is a great score round any course, but round Carnoustie it's a great score.

Q. Must be great playing these amazing courses in such good weather and with the pro-am atmosphere?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It's great. There was a bit of breeze at times, like 18 was playing tough when I went through there but all in all the conditions have been amazing.

Q. Fancy your chances?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I am playing really well at the moment but I am just going to go out there and try to enjoy it. I have tried so hard to win won this year that I am now at the stage of thinking, just go out and have a good time.

Q. Has there been a definite change of attitude in that way?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I think so. I am still gunning to win one and I know that I can. I have just got to relax and let it happen. One of the main things that has helped me this week is my new putter. Callaway fitted me for a new Odyssey putter and it has been great. I have been using the same putter since I won until two weeks ago and the last couple of weeks it has been very, very good. That has turned it around a bit because that's the difference between shooting 66 and 70.

Q. I would imagine that's the thing that grates most if you are playing great and not taking the chances?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It is a bit. When you are playing great and don't take the chances and then you make a bogey and you are one over after five or six holes and you should be two or three under it can be frustrating so hopefully I have turned that corner.

Q. St. Andrews tomorrow?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yes - the Old Lady.

Q. She's a beautiful Old Lady?
NICK DOUGHERTY: She is indeed, although she has never been that good to me to be honest, so I think it's time for the tide to turn.

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