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October 5, 2007

Lorie Kane


THE MODERATOR: Let's go through the scorecard real quick.
LORIE KANE: Bogey on 1. Par putt was ten feet. I made a four-footer for bogey.
Birdie on 2, 15 feet. I know the yardage, too. I had 119 uphill so I hit 9-iron.
No. 8, I had 75 yards, hit lob wedge to four feet.
No. 9, I hit my 3 hybrid in two, I hit the green in two. I had probably a 15-foot eagle putt and a tap-in birdie. I can't believe I left that short.
No. 10, hit 4 rescue to ten feet.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in and joining us today. You're tied for the lead in the clubhouse, back-to-back rounds of 69, and you're 6-under par. Can you talk about putting together two great rounds and how it feels to go into the weekend with the lead.
LORIE KANE: Well, it's nice to be back in this seat. I know I am one of the first groups in the afternoon wave. Like I said going through the scorecard, we started off today with a bogey, and a couple of months ago had I done that I probably would have jumped in the river.
But I've grown up since then (laughing). Rather than baling on things and getting a little bit upset, I went and birdied the 2nd hole. That's the thing that we've been trying to work on in keeping momentum going my direction.
18 I hit a great iron shot and released back through the hole, back through the fringe on the green and ended up having to putt, and I made a ten-footer for par.
And again, that's clutch, and you need to do that to have a chance to win. When I finished it was great to feel what it was like to be back amongst the names of the names. I said, This is where I'm supposed to be. So I'm really excited for the weekend.
THE MODERATOR: So are you implying this is something you've been working on the last couple months, not something mechanically with your game but more of a mental approach?
LORIE KANE: Absolutely. I should probably say in truthfulness the last couple years that's probably been the thing that I've been the toughest on myself, and as a result getting in my own way and not allowing the best to come out in me. I spent some time with Dr. Bob Rotella.
I haven't talked to Dr. Bob probably since just before Michelob Ultra this year, and the reason I haven't is just because I felt he gave me all the tools and now it's time for me to use them.
I have a great support team in Danny Sharp, my caddie, and he's not afraid to stick his foot up my butt when I need a kicking. The best example of that is when you are down you can beat yourself up pretty bad, and that's the mental side of the game.
So yeah, I have been working on this for a while, and I'm seeing some results.

Q. Just talk a little bit about this particular course, how it suits your style of play, and what you like most about this course as you attack it.
LORIE KANE: Okay. That's a very good question because some would say that this golf course is maybe not the best for us to play a championship on because of the different elevations and the fact that the fans can't get to a certain number of holes.
My thought is that Blackhawk is a great golf course, and every hole is a really challenging golf course, it's just getting to some that's even a major challenge, or more of a challenge.
I think I like it here because the targets are small, and I think you have to concentrate on where you're going to put the ball. You have to control the ball flight because of the changes in elevation.
I guess when I can narrow my focus, I'm that much better.

Q. You kind of talked about this, but what's the difference between you last year and you this year? Your mechanics are good, but is it your confidence?
LORIE KANE: Absolutely. Confidence is a big deal. And I think the difference between me now and me probably when I won my last tournament, or was challenging to win, is confidence, and it's simply just making a couple of putts, holing a few more and building on it and then holing that putt that will keep your momentum going.
I played very well here last year. Probably didn't finish the way I would have liked on Sunday, but I still saw some really positive things happening. So I was very excited to be coming back here. I'm just out there playing.
You know, I think I've worked so hard that now it's just -- I've given into the expectation -- my own expectations and said, Just go out and play. If you play the best that you can be, what can happen? And envision those putts already going in the hole.
You know, if God told you today what was going to happen, how would you walk around, with a big smile on your face? So that's kind of the game plan, it's just to be having fun and not to be too hard on myself.

Q. And you're able to deal with the bad shots better now, I guess that's the key, being consistent after you hit a bad shot?
LORIE KANE: Absolutely, and hitting -- it's all right to miss shots. The best in the world miss shots. Lorena misses shots. But Lorena always has something to come back with, and that's where, like I said yesterday, not compounding one mistake with another.
If you hit it somewhere you shouldn't have hit it, take your medicine, get out, let's make bogey at worst and carry on.

Q. How long have you and Danny been together?
LORIE KANE: We've been together since the beginning of my career, so since I came on Tour, since '97. I think we are the longest still remaining caddie-player. Danny is just not a caddie, Danny is also a professional, and he played the Canadian Tour and played in South America and is very knowledgeable with the game.
So I think I'm really lucky that I have someone that I can say, you know, Let me hold the bag. What kind of shot would you hit? If I'm in a situation and I can talk through things with him.

Q. He's a good find.
LORIE KANE: Yeah, very good find.

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