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October 5, 2007

Loren Roberts


DAVE SENKO: You followed up a 67 yesterday with a 66 today and you have a 2-shot lead. Maybe just give us a quick run down on your day and then we'll get some questions.
LOREN ROBERTS: Played really solid today. First hole was shakiest hole and started out drove it in the left hand bunker and hit a wedge out. I was able to get it up-and-down from I think 92 yards, and made about a 10-footer from right behind the hole for par right out of the gate. And I think that really either settled me down or spurred me on or something, because I really played solid the rest of the day.
Made a couple other -- made two other probably 5-, 6-footers for pars. But other than that, I played really good. I hit a lot of greens, had a lot of looks at birdies, and just -- I love this golf course. I think this is just a fabulous, fabulous golf course. I really like it. It just suits my eye, and you've got to really use your imagination when you play your shots and when you hit your chips and your putts. You really have to use your imagination out here, and I like that.
DAVE SENKO: Birdies on No. 5 and 6, back-to-back, maybe just your shot sequence there.
LOREN ROBERTS: No. 5, I hit a sand wedge in there probably four feet right under the hole and made birdie.
And then hit a another sand wedge on 6 probably about 11 feet, 12 feet short of the hole and made that for birdie there.
And then the other birdie, 15, I hit a 6-iron there probably, I don't know, 15 feet right behind the hole there and made that down the hill for birdie.
And then obviously I hit a really good 3-iron on 18 and hit it in there about two feet. So I was able to make that one for birdie.
DAVE SENKO: What was your distance on the 3-iron?
LOREN ROBERTS: I had 208 to the hole.

Q. This course has not held a PGA TOUR event ever. What course does this remind you of that you have played, the old style?
LOREN ROBERTS: As far as courses we've played on TOUR, I mean, to me, this is a major championship venue. Obviously it's a Tillinghast. When you consider that, it's a museum piece. It's an awesome golf course.
It reminds me maybe a little bit of -- got some holes on it that are somewhat similar to Bethpage, although Bethpage is a much longer golf course. Westchester maybe would be another one that would come to mind that would be another one. Just a classic golf course and hitting the greens are not necessarily the best things to do out here. There are a couple of holes out here that maybe two or three yards short of the green is better than 15, 20 feet above the flag.
So you really have to use your imagination and play and control your speed once you get on the surface a lot.
I think this is such a classic golf course that really, this is a major I think when you play a golf course like this.

Q. It's been tight at the top but you've put a little distance there, how would you assess your position at the midway point, and, secondly, did you have any indication that this would be a wonderful week for you?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, we're just halfway there. It's really premature to say anything like that.
I like my position and I like some of the things I'm starting to do with my golf swing. You know, I'm just focusing on trying to put another good round up. From here on in, I'm just trying to shoot anything under par every day and take it from there and see what happens. Obviously what the rest of the field will dictate what you have to do, but I'm just trying to focus on what I'm trying to do with hitting the ball.
For me, playing a golf course like this is a chess match. It's not go out and fire at all of the pins and make a bunch of birdies. This is a chess match where you play the spots and you try to make your birdies where you can and you realize you're going to have to make a couple of good putts for pars here and there. You know, just go on about your business.

Q. With the differences in the weather from yesterday to today, did it play pretty much the same?
LOREN ROBERTS: I think it played pretty much the same. The greens didn't pick up too much speed. I actually played the same time yesterday, but the last couple of holes I think the greens were drying out a little bit more, so we'll see, as long as the heat stays in there, I don't think they will have to let them dry too much. We'll see.
I think the golf course is going to play progressively tougher. I was looking at some of the pins for tomorrow that are out there and they are gradually taking a little closer into the edge; so, we'll see.

Q. Is there an edge of having a comfort zone with a couple of shots or does it matter at this stage?
LOREN ROBERTS: No, I don't think halfway through, it doesn't matter. I think the only time it really matters is when you make that turn on Sunday and you're on the 10th hole and you have to assess where you are at and what you think you need to do.
I'm not really worried about anything about where my name is on the board or anything. In fact, haven't even looked at the board today to be honest with you.

Q. Hypothetically talking about that first hole, the first putt, is this a different round if you don't make that putt?
LOREN ROBERTS: Obviously you feel like, well, you put yourself behind the 8-ball early and if you hit a poor tee shot and was able to recover from that. If you don't, you make a bogey. A lot of it is about momentum and attitude. The first couple of holes, you feel like you've saved a couple from, you know, where you could have thrown a couple of way; it really tends to relax you and you feel a lot better about the round.
Now, obviously you should be able to recover from something like that, but I think it just adds a little bit. I think some of the best rounds that I've ever played are rounds where maybe I've had to struggle the first two or three holes and made a good save and it just seems to help your confidence a little bit.

Q. Yesterday only one person went through this whole course without a bogey and you did it today. Without patting yourself on the back, what kind of accomplishment is that on this difficult course?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I think if you look at this from the fact that it's a major championship on a great golf course like this, you just realize you're going to have to make some up-and-downs. You're going to have to make a couple of good putts for pars, and usually in that 8- to 10- foot range. And if you can do that, that just keeps your momentum going.
I just feel very good about going through without making a bogey. I feel like I played just as good yesterday shooting 3-under. I had a couple of bogeys yesterday, and today to go through with no bogeys, that's basically your game plan when you start off on first hole. Your idea is to go out and play shots to places and positions and so that you don't really make bogeys.
DAVE SENKO: Thanks, Loren.

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