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October 5, 2007

Eric Wedge


ROB DOELGER: Questions for Eric Wedge.

Q. Last night the running game started out pretty well with Sizemore. He did get thrown out, but it was close, and Lofton stealing the base. How concerned are you with that tonight with Pettitte on the mound, with his good move and with the history of a few months ago?
ERIC WEDGE: He's a tough one to steal on, no doubt about it. You've got to pick your spots. You've got to be willing to take some risks. And like anything else, we're going to work off the ball game. We're going to try to just get a feel for where we're at and just how hard we need to push things.
Every night that we play, it's somewhat unchartered for us. But the one thing we do know we've got a lot of respect for his moves. He's a smart pitcher. He understands situations. So I think there will probably be some back and forth there. But we'll try take advantage of any opportunity we have.

Q. Have you been able to get any kind of read on Fausto, how he is gearing up for this first post-season start?
ERIC WEDGE: He's pretty consistent with his routine. Up to this point in time everything has been pretty much status quo and steady as she goes. I don't think you're really going to understand how somebody is going to react until they get out there, in particular a young starting pitcher, one of whom hasn't been in this setting before.
One thing about Fausto, though, we've talked about it all year long, is just his toughness and the ability that he has to separate, slow the game down, understand how to keep his mind in the moment and just take it from pitch to pitch.
And that's what we're hoping to see tonight from him.

Q. He's not on his everyday turn, though, it's been eight or nine days you could have gone with him, I think on Sunday on short rest, lower pitch count. How did you juggle doing that to keep him in his routine?
ERIC WEDGE: I think it's more about Fausto, the first time he's been over 200 innings, the first time he's had this type of length at the Major League level as a starting pitcher.
I don't think the down-time is going to hurt him at all. Still able to throw a couple of sides but that's something that we can control, with where we are in the season and with the workload that he had this year, I think that rest was welcomed, and I don't think it will be a factor today.

Q. Just for the heck of it, is that a playoff beard you got going there?
ERIC WEDGE: Just every now and again I just decide not to shave. So nothing more than that (smiling).
ROB DOELGER: Thank you very much.

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