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October 4, 2007

Doug Davis

Chris Young


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Doug and Chris.

Q. Doug, it seems like one of the things that you and Brandon in particular had a lot of success with was getting these guys with off speed, you with the curveball. Is there something that you all saw in them that made you attack them that way? Is that a game plan, or does it just kind of happen?
DOUG DAVIS: I think to be successful on the off speed you have to get ahead, and you're able to expand. Had a decent curveball. I threw it early for strikes early in the game, and then when it got around the 4th or 5th inning I was able to expand it and get swings.

Q. Chris, answering them after they got the two runs was a big deal. What was the mindset of the team coming up about that time?
CHRIS YOUNG: I don't know, obviously it was big for us, but honestly I was just trying to find a way to get ahead. He had me up early in the count, threw a fall curveball in there, left them down and made a mistake with 3-2.
I was just trying to get a base hit, obviously got under it a little bit, though.

Q. Sometimes you can be effectively wild is how Bob put it. You got yourself in trouble and then were able to get the big pitch. Talk about getting out of trouble when you needed to.
DOUG DAVIS: Yeah, I was 40 pitches after two innings. I felt like when I did get ahead and messed around and ended up picking on corners and getting like even in the count, and then I had to come in and throw strikes, was 2-2 and 3-2 and could just try to put them away 0-2.
I did that pretty much the whole game. They're an aggressive swinging team, and they swung at a lot of pitches that would be balls. I was able to survive that way and make pitches.
You know, I was able to -- when I did throw strikes I was able to put the ball in play. My defense behind me was just outstanding. Drew made a nice play and Upton was shagging balls at the track in the gap that I thought for sure were off the fence or maybe even homeruns.
I've got to give a lot of credit to my defense behind me and giving me a lot of confidence to challenge the hitters.

Q. Do you see similarities between yourself and Soriano, and what's it like being compared to a guy like that?
CHRIS YOUNG: I don't know. I'm not seen in that category yet. Soriano is a great player. To hear my name in the same category with him with myself being a lead-off hitter lately and having a little power, it's an honor. He's a great player, but I try not to think about things like that. Just go out there and try to do the things that I do.
I only have a year in right now, so hopefully I can continue doing what I do for the next five or ten years and put my name in that category.

Q. What was it like for you to hit a big homer like that?
CHRIS YOUNG: It's exciting to hit a homer any time, but to do it in playoffs with 48,000 fans out there yelling, you feel like you're floating on air when you're running the bases. You see your teammates in the dugout ready to congratulate you. There's no feeling like it.

Q. Why have the young players on the Diamondbacks been so poised coming through the clutch? What's been the key?
CHRIS YOUNG: I don't know what it is. Obviously we've never been through this before, so we didn't know how we would be ready for it, how we would react to the pressures and the fans and the media and everything else that comes along with it.
I think just the group of guys that we have, everybody, we've been through this before, close games, one-run ballgames all year, so we've been well prepared for situations like this, I believe.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

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