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October 4, 2007

Lou Piniella


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lou.

Q. It looked like Lilly just wasn't sharp from the getgo tonight.
LOU PINIELLA: No, he was behind a lot of the hitters, wasn't getting the stuff open. He was fighting himself a little bit out there, too. He wasn't sharp.

Q. Obviously you go as far as your big boys and they haven't been able to get it done yet for you.
LOU PINIELLA: Well, this Arizona pitching, I said it before the series started, we had to hit. They've done it a lot this year with their pitching. They're an athletic team, and they caught some balls out there that when they were hit I didn't think they would be caught.
Look, we're going home. We've got our home fans, and we've got a chance to get it back here with a couple wins, and that's exactly what we're going to try to do.

Q. Do you see anything in the approaches of either Derrek or Aramis to suggest anything other than the Diamondbacks are pitching well?
LOU PINIELLA: I don't see anything. They've got a nice pitching staff over there. We played them this summer, and they pitched well against us, too. Let's see what happens in our home ballpark.
We're going home, like I said, and we've got our home fans, and we'll go from there.

Q. On the exchange, on the homerun by Young, it appeared Lilly was more than just upset. Do you think it was just on the location or on the call of the pitch itself?
LOU PINIELLA: I don't know. I didn't ask him, but I've never seen a pitcher throw their glove like that on the mound. He was probably upset at the -- I think the catcher called for a breaking ball, and I think that was it.
But you know what, I'm not positive. I'm not positive. But he threw a high fastball and the kid put a good swing on it, Young, and hit it a pretty good ways. But what are you going to do?
Lilly gave it his best out there, it just didn't work out for him today.

Q. What was the explanation you got with Ojeda when Lilly got chased in the 4th inning? You went out to argue the baseline.
LOU PINIELLA: Yeah, I thought that he probably had left the baseline, but the umpire said no. It wasn't much of an argument. I just wanted an explanation more than anything else from the umpire.

Q. The condition of Scott Eyre's hand?
LOU PINIELLA: No, he just got hit right at the fingernail of his throwing hand, and it was a little numb. I think if we had given it some time, he might have been able to stay out there and pitch. But he got hit right on the tip of the fingernail of his little pinky.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Lou.

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