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October 4, 2007

Pat Hurst


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thanks for coming in and joining us today. You eagled your final hole to tie Inbee Park's lead. Two-stroke lead over everybody else as of right now. How's it feel to hold together a round like that? You said you're 25, 30 minutes from home?
PAT HURST: It feels good. It's always nice to play in front of family and friends. Today wasn't as many people as I think the weekend. But there was a lot out there, so it was a lot of fun.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: We were talking about the conditions, the wind, you said it was getting cold out there. How is that impacting what is already known as a difficult course on tour?
PAT HURST: Well, you know, everybody's in the element, so you just got to go out and play and do the best that you can and not think about it. I was just trying to go out there and hit it one shot at a time and not think about the wind or how cold it is. So every shot you just figure it in and just play for it.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Can we go over your scorecard? You started your day on the back side. Yes, will you do the double bogey on 11.
PAT HURST: Yeah, 4-putter on 11.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: How close was the first putt?
PAT HURST: Do you need to know how close it was for a 4-putt (laughing)?
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: I hate to ask, but --
PAT HURST: Come on.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Inquiring minds.
PAT HURST: It was really far. No, I don't know. It wasn't that far. It was probably 30 feet. Let's guess, 30 feet. Okay. Then I birdied 12. I hit 6-iron to 10 feet. 6, it says 10 feet.
I birdied 15. I hit my 58th degree to about ten feet. Then I birdied 18, I hit my 50-degree again to about 10 feet.
Then I birdied number 5, it was a par 5 which was short, chipped it up to like 30 feet by the hole, and then I made the putt coming down the hill.
Birdie number 6, I hit my 50-degree again to about three feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: And the eagle on 9?
PAT HURST: Then the eagle on 9. I hit 3-wood to about 20 feet just above the hole, just over and made the putt on the fringe.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right, I'm going to pass around the microphone.

Q. You said you don't want to think much about the conditions. But when you draw an afternoon tee time with the wind like this to go 67, usually the scores would be in the morning it would seem like out here like this?
PAT HURST: Yeah, but you've just got to go out there and play and not think about if you're in the afternoon or in the morning and not think about. You don't want to think about, Oh, why did I get the afternoon run? You just go out and you play and you deal with what you have out there.
So I don't dwell on a lot of stuff. I just go out and play and try to do the best I can. Just give it a hundred percent.

Q. Did you feel the wind though getting stronger?
PAT HURST: It was windy pretty much all day. Even when we got to the par 3, is it 12? Yeah, 12. I mean, you're up there on top of the hill, and it was blowing pretty good. So you know, it was pretty much all day for us.

Q. Is there one example you can give of a hole where the wind really affected play?
PAT HURST: Well, I would say like 12, because you know, you're up on top of the hill and it's really blowing. You know, the golf course just played a little bit different. I think I had a little bit of advantage being out here before and knowing the golf course a little bit. I think that helped, you know.
And on some of the holes where the hole down the hill on the front, which would be what, 6? You know, sometimes you can hit driver, sometimes you can't. So you know, if you know the golf course, I think it definitely helps.

Q. (No microphone).
PAT HURST: On 12 I punched a 6. And it was playing 150 yards, and I hit 6. I usually hit that 165.

Q. Did that make everybody's short game even more important today, considering the wind and everything?
PAT HURST: Short game definitely helps. I hit the ball good so I hit a lot of greens out there. I don't know how many greens I hit, but I know I hit quite a few, and if I did miss them, I didn't miss them by much.
So I was putting a couple from just off the green. But the greens made the wind a little firmer out there. So coming down the stretch for me 7, 8 and 9, to keep it on actually 7 and 9. To keep it on the green it was tough because it was downwind.

Q. You talk about familiarity with this course; do you play it much when you're home? Or is there a style to the course that maybe helps you?
PAT HURST: No, I mean growing up around here, and my husband's family used to live out here so we used to play out here quite a bit. It's been a long time, but still you get to know a golf course and the memories come back after you play it a couple of times.

Q. When was that?
PAT HURST: Well, we've been together for a while, so I've been on Tour for 13 years. I'd say 15, 16 years ago.

Q. Considering the conditions, would you say this is the best round you've played this year? Or just having friends and family around like this, does that make you feel a little more comfortable?
PAT HURST: Definitely having family and friends around makes me feel comfortable and fun to play well in front of them. I've been hitting the ball pretty well. The score all year leading up to I'd say Portland, you know, I haven't been scoring as well as I'd like and we've been working hard on my game. You know, it's turning around a little bit now. Too bad it's the end of the season, but hopefully it will carry over into the beginning of next season.

Q. Temperatures bring back childhood memories at all? You're in Arizona now?
PAT HURST: Well, we're in Arizona, but we're not there in the summertime, so it works out perfect. But this is perfect weather for me. I don't mind it. I lived over in San Leandro playing in Sky West. We get the 3 o'clock winds coming up, and it's pretty normal for me.

Q. What memories do you have of playing Tony Lima and Sky West? How much does that sort of?
PAT HURST: Oh, I have a lot of memories. Especially Sky West, that's where I started. I used to play Birdie League out there. Every Wednesday night we'd play Birdie League. And a couple of us girls there were two of us out there, and we'd take on everybody, and that was a lot of fun.
I miss those days, and I miss those people. They're no longer around there, or I don't know if they are around there. I haven't been back to Sky West in a long time because everybody's kind of gone away. I do miss those times and I miss everybody that I used to play with.

Q. Do you get back there often?
PAT HURST: I get back for different holidays. Not the same holiday every year, but I do try to come back. Most of my friends are here, my non-golfing friends are here, so I come back and try to see them at least once. So it's fun.

Q. I think Tony Lima and Sky West are two of the windiest courses around here?
PAT HURST: Tony Lima was really windy, and in high school we had to play the blues. For me that wasn't much fun, because it was long and also into the wind. Not always into the wind, but it was always windy, so it wasn't fun.

Q. What do you think of Beth being captain of the Solheim Cup?
PAT HURST: No clue. I had no clue. We just went out to dinner with her the other night, too.

Q. She said she lied to you.
PAT HURST: You know, she lied -- I'm going to get her. We said something. Like, come on.

Q. She told that story today. We're just the messengers.
PAT HURST: No, I'm glad that she is. I think she'll be a great captain. You know, the team in Sweden with her being the assistant was great. You know, she's a hall of famer, what more can you say? You know, to play for a hall of famer, I mean, you can't ask for anything better than that.

Q. Is there one shot you recall from your childhood on those courses or one day that was particularly?
PAT HURST: No, I played almost every day, so that's hard to pick out one shot. I can't even pick out a shot on Tour that sticks.

Q. An image that's vivid in your memory?
PAT HURST: No. I mean, it all blends together, so, no, I can't pick out anything.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thank you, and good luck this week.

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