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October 4, 2007

Lou Piniella


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lou.

Q. After a young guy like Marmol has a little bit of a rough one, does it affect how you use him at all? Do you want to get him right back out there? How do you kind of handle that?
LOU PINIELLA: Well, it depends on the situation in the ballgame, but, yeah, I've got confidence in him. We'll get him back out there to pitch.

Q. When you make a move like that that's much debated, does a lot of thought go into it? Do you also replay it in your mind? Do you ever think about whether you should have done something different when it affects a game like that?
LOU PINIELLA: I talked to our beat writers about it, and they've got all my explanations.

Q. Some managers feel that you go by the book, and then sometimes you get in games and just go -- you have a feeling, you go on hunches, you go on kind of a personal feel that you have for that game. Do you do it like that?
LOU PINIELLA: I'm not really much of a hunch man. This wasn't a hunch last night. It wasn't a hunch. It wasn't gut.
Our starting pitcher did exactly what we wanted him to do. He did an outstanding job of pitching for six innings. He's coming back on three days' rest. I've got a bullpen that's really, really pitched well for us. Last night it didn't work out.

Q. Are you surprised by the way everybody reacted to it, the way it's been debated?
LOU PINIELLA: Look, when you manage a baseball team -- how many guys are in this room? Count them. That's how many managers there are in here (laughter). I understand the process. Everybody has got their ideas.
The only problem is when you do it out here, it's after the fact, not during or before.

Q. Obviously going into tonight's game, Brandon Webb had one style of pitching, Doug Davis will be completely different. What is the key to getting to him? Is it patience at the plate or what's your thought process as you guys attack him?
LOU PINIELLA: Look, Webb did a really nice job of pitching last night. We had some opportunities, and he made pitches when he had to. I said coming into this series when I sat here on Tuesday that the key for us was to hit at opportune times.
Last night we didn't. If we get chances today, hopefully we will. But that's the key for us in this series.

Q. You've been down in a playoff series before. How do you get the team to flush the memories of the one loss and look towards the next?
LOU PINIELLA: It's one loss. If you won last night, you've still got to win three. It's only one game. This is a five-game series. We've got to go out and play, regardless of whether you won last night or you lost last night.
You've still got to go out and play and win two other baseball games or three other baseball games. It's three out of five.
So whether we won last night or lost last night we'd be doing the same things: Going out there and playing as well as we possibly can to win a baseball game.

Q. That being said, does that make this game -- two is pretty important, right?
LOU PINIELLA: It's an important game for us, there's no question it is. We've got a guy out there on the mound that's won -- he's 9 and 1 after losses for us. He's pitched very well, and we've got to go out there tonight and put some runs on the board.
Yeah, this is an important game for us, no question.

Q. You're going back to Kendall tonight --

Q. You're going back to Kendall tonight?
LOU PINIELLA: Soto is catching.

Q. I saw the wrong lineup. Did you move Theriot back?
LOU PINIELLA: Theriot is hitting second.

Q. Your thoughts on moving him back up?
LOU PINIELLA: Who, Theriot?

Q. Yeah.
LOU PINIELLA: Theriot has hit second most of the year. Last night we hit left-handed hitters at the front part of the lineup because they had had more success against Webb.
Outside of that, we're playing basically about the same lineup except for Soto that we played for most of the year. And Soto has caught a lot in September, and I thought he did a nice job last night, by the way.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Lou.

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