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October 4, 2007

Derrek Lee


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Derrek.

Q. Remembering the 2003 series against the Cubs, when and how did that turn around in your mind, and are any lessons applicable to this?
DERREK LEE: No. I mean, that's a whole different time, a whole different series. You know, they just came out and beat us yesterday, so we have to forget about it.
It's a huge game for us today. We don't want to get out of here 0-2, so we want to come back and play a good game tonight.

Q. Last night you were asked this question, but have you figured out why this offense can go hot and cold the way it is? There's no predictability about -- is it now dependent on Alfonso being hot for the rest of the lineup to really produce?
DERREK LEE: No, that's not fair to Alfonso. We have been inconsistent. We'll go a week and be incredible and then kind of cool off. Honestly, last night I think you tip your cap to Brandon Webb. He and Z were just lights out last night.
They pitched really good ballgames. We hit a few balls hard and they didn't fall in for us. But sometimes you go up against a buzz saw. I think our offense will bounce back well tonight.

Q. So much has been made about the decision to take Zambrano out last night. How did guys in the locker room feel about the decision made by Lou?
DERREK LEE: We have no problem with it. I mean, Marmol, that's probably the first run he's given up all season. He's been incredible. It's always easy to look back and -- it's easy to look back and second-guess.
If Marmol doesn't give up a run no one says a word. I had no problems with it.

Q. Every team that's ever been through playoff situations with the Cubs have to deal with the past and hearing about it, talking about it. Do you feel -- does that type of negativity work on players? Does it get to people? You saw it from the other side in '03. How do you react to that as a group?
DERREK LEE: Well, it's something you have to answer the questions. Obviously you're going to get that. But it's something you can't concern yourselves with. It's something that we have no control over.
You know, we're just here in 2007 trying to win a championship. All we can concern ourselves with is the things we can take care of and handle, and that's in between the white lines.
THE MODERATOR: Derrek, thank you.

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