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October 4, 2007

Lorie Kane


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Lorie, thanks for joining us today. Six birdies, three bogeys. Finished with a 3-under, 69. What was going right for you on the course?
LORIE KANE: What was going right? Well, I hit a lot of good shots and hit a lot of greens. Having started on the backside and bogeying the first hole, or second hole with a 3-putt wasn't fun, but I just stayed patient and hit a lot of greens coming in and then made three in a row 15 through 17.
Then kind of carried it to the back 9. The bogeys, I think it got tough out there. The wind was swirling around. The second hole with the big tree that you have to carry, I just hit my drive way too far up the fairway and really had no shot to the green.
So I'll take my lump there. Then I followed up with another birdie and had some good chances coming in, and then unfortunately bogeyed the Par 3, 7th hole. Made a good save out of the bunker on 8 to kind of keep things going and had another chance on 9.
So overall everything's been pretty good. All season it's been one of the strangest years I've probably every put in on the Tour. But it only can make you stronger and, you know, I played well last week and I've been playing very well. It's just the scores haven't been showing it. Just need to hole a few more putts.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: From what everyone says this is a very difficult course already just kind of being on the side of a mountain, the elevation and everything. What extra element does the wind throw into the course.
LORIE KANE: Well, it those in at least a club coming and going. If you're on top of the hill hitting down and you're downwind you're kind of -- you know, it's downhill first of all and then downwind, so that's a club.
So, you know, you're -- it's a guessing game, because there's been a couple holes probably on the front side I felt it the most. It was in one direction and then just as you're over the ball it's in the opposite direction. So you just need to be patient and hit some shots, I guess. It makes itself tough.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Are you playing in any of the overseas events in the next three weeks?
LORIE KANE: I will be going to Korea for sure. I'd like to be playing the rest, but right now I'm not qualified for them.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: So what does this do, this final course here in the U.S. for a lot of players before getting ready to send you overseas? Does it get you ready for a different type of course than what we've seen all season?
LORIE KANE: I'll tell you, you need to hit quality shots here. The course actually in Korea is similar because it's up and down. Thailand is a new golf course, and then Japan we've played before, and it's the same thing.
So there are changes in elevation. It's a little bit different because the fairway grass overseas. So there's a little bit of a difference. You know, I'm surprised. The golf course was a little bit rough Tuesday when I played in the practice round, and I know they've worked very hard. The greens are rolling much smoother and the fairways are good.

Q. Three straight birdies, 15, 16, 17. Especially the one on 16. Supposed to the hardest hole on the course. How much confidence did that give you?
LORIE KANE: Gives me quite a bit of confidence. That's probably one of the things that's been strange about my year is that I think rounds are built on momentum. I started at back 9 and I'm happy to have started on the back 9 because I think that particular hole would be a bugger with the wind and not being able to determine exactly where it's coming from.
I hit a 4-iron and I was aiming well right of the golf Channel sign if you get out there. I was almost hitting it to where I know the pin will most likely be on Sunday. It just came -- fed back into the hole and I was like two feet from the cup, so yeah.

Q. So much was made coming into the tournament that a lot of big names are in the field, 19 of the top 20. You know, to look at the leaderboard right now there's a lot of players that haven't quite made a name for themselves. Does that surprise you at all? So many youngsters and players like yourself who have played well in the past?
LORIE KANE: No, it doesn't, because our Tour is quite deep. Any given weekend any number of players can win. Let's remember, we're just halfway into Thursday's round. But it definitely does bode well for -- there's a lot on the line. There are some players that need to make some cash. And so, you know, you've got players that know their backs are against it, and sometimes that's all you need to kind of give yourself a boost.

Q. I think you bogeyed No. 2 but you came right back to birdie No. 3. That must have been very big for you.
LORIE KANE: Again, that's all about momentum. Earlier in the season I just wasn't able to -- you know, I was making birdies and then just not capitalizing or getting that bounce back. A bogey was leading to another bogey.
Try to not compound one mistake over another. So, yeah, that was solid. I was proud of that birdie. You know, I had legitimate chances coming in on the other bogeys that I made too, but we'll take it. We'll go do a little putting. Not going to hit a whole lot of balls here at Black Hawk, but I will definitely do some chip ping and putting, which is all I think you need anyway.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thanks, Lorie.

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